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What do you & the user above have in common?

We both like puyo puyo characters!! (Sig is a good boy!!)
we're sisters

we both like doing art, RPs, and writing!! (she is much better than i am at all of them)

and we like a lot of the same music!!

OH YEAH we also both speak japanese that is a very important thing as well LOL (i forgot and edited this because of it)
Our local time is exactly the same minute wise (according to my clock)
Both of our avatars have similar colour combinations (shades of blue-purple and white-grey)
we both like luz
we both have gifs as our signature
Both of our current profile pictures have the character's hair flicking out, and both avatars are also males.
Both our favorite characters are from Unova!
we both have an affinity for cryptids
We both have some pretty niche interests in anime and vocaloid media!
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