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What does the above human Pokémon character remind you of?

he reminds me of cilan (he is a cool dude)

how interesting of a concept the first unova gym was

how he is kind of like a one punch x megaman x wario version of eggman somehow

how she was one of the ifrst pokemon characters that i really loved, i loved her design i loved her pokemon i loved everything about her

How he's such a silly guy and i would like to be a part of his shenanigans

An espionage and someone I'd personally love to game with during my free time.

a comic i saw where larry is a normal guy who isekais to the pokemon world to do his day job

That one speaking sequence in the center in Pokemon masters that i kept getting really happy about!!

Of how popular he is because of Hisui and the overall excitement around that. Plus, I remember a story where Emmet went into a museum and found Ingo’s clothes to his surprise

Prof. Elm

Prof. Birch
Reminds me of how she was written as a possible recurring character but then she only appeared in one episode
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