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What does the above human Pokémon character remind you of?

I'm assuming you mean Larry from Pokémon Ranger, in which case I'm being reminded of the video about a crow who was saved by someone as a chick and is now part of that man's life !

Cyllene !
Cyrus and where tf are her eyebrows?

Professor Birch
my brother because they look exactly alike

blue oak
“Smell ya later!”

Samson Oak
his cousin (sorry samson)

ABSOLUTE PAIN (her altaria swept my team in Ruby and I lost my Emerald save right before her gym)

Reminds me of Ralts evolution line.

the user CynthiaLover

His banger theme song

how i actually really liked him but had minimal exposure to the pokemon community at the time i played shield and naively assumed everyone else liked him too, only to be kinda sad when i discovered the actual consensus on him some time later

silver ^^
you, as well as how damn relatable i find her (+ the eeveelutions!)

This photo. My sister's classmates had a lot of cards and she would take photos of them to ask us (me and my other sister) if we wanted her to trade them with them... I really wanted the Jolteon one and my sister wanted the Zekrom one so much... These rich kids never wanted to trade these :sadsola::sadsola:

The guy with Jolteon in that picture?
either blue or trace, but the kanto games anyway

pokemon red pokemart clerk
lance, strangely... i could explain, but it's a whole wall of text of adhd logic, so i'll pass.

His team, like my guy…

lance, strangely... i could explain, but it's a whole wall of text of adhd logic, so i'll pass.

I understand the reference (dragonite used hyper beam)
as for kiawe, the marowak in the anime

Czech declension of Greek names ending with "s", and how glad I was that they got it right in the Sun and Moon anime (proper grammar is not that basic thing, especially when it comes to declension).

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