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What does the Above User's Favorite Pokemon Tell you about them?

You are a bright person who loves hot things I think....

Mega Charizard X
you believe that charizard deserves the special treatment

you have a soft spot for things that are considered creepy when they're trying to be the opposite

you were bummed when you found out you couldn't get one until post game in gen 3

you like irl pandas and/or hate bullies (good opinions either way)

you find the actual myth inspiring its creation interesting. or you just think it's cute, i dunno

unlike me, is not scared of spiders and likes electricity.

probably a fan of bipedal mon in general. is fond of its highly energetic and rambunctious personality.

i'm guessing you're gonna say a bunch of your favorite spiders in succession now?

alolan ninetales
Cold, yet elegant, a piercing glare, yet with an unknown warmth in their sinister smile. Their shouts become songs, their screams, a melody, and all is as beautiful as the glittering snow. Yet the blizzard strikes, the cold as sharp as a blade, as fearsome as a beast; a lonely, angry beast, as it prowls to its next victim; prepared to strike whoever beats them down. This blizzard, a beautiful sight, full of light: an aurora, yet with terrifying power and might.

...Might have a preference for Kaijuesque, more monsterous Pokemon.

Meowscarada is another of my favorites.
Your a furry. I'm sorry there's no other way to put it but your a furry.

perchance one has an interest in aztec mythology? or you just like fire crocodiles idk.

Your a furry. I'm sorry there's no other way to put it but your a furry.
There's nothing wrong with being a furry despite the myriad of pointless stigmas that exist about it, so there is no need to apologize.

Was likely excited when they added it to Pokken Tournament and wanted to main it right away.

Dewgong's another one I like!
cute seals!! seals cute!!! :bulbaLove: :bulbaLove:
ok in an actual human language what i mean is that you probably think seals are cute and precious and thus, you like dewgong. (i mean. it's a hard mon to dislike imo)

hm, more that i'm a relatively big fan of... omastar!

You like interesting Pokedex entries!

Shaymin (Land Form)
you like cute lil hedgies and you make sure to express your gratitude towards what you hold dear!

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