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What does the Above User's Favorite Pokemon Tell you about them?

appreciates a good soul-stealer

^ finds a splendor in a classical depiction of the famous sauropterygian-like cryptid known as the Loch Ness Monster. It could be inferred that either the cryptozoological diapsid and/or the Pokemon itself carry a sentimental level of connection with toastghost concerning that in the "What's your name" thread, they profess that they named themselves "Nessie."

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you like hardcore reimaginings of preexisting animals (i don't blame you, scizor is very cool)

he didn't know that we probably shouldn't discuss leaks

You like to go with the flow, and have an appreciation for cute round things.

Swirlix/Bewear, it’s a tie!
ah, so you, too, likely have a fondness for cute pink things. me also. (and good taste, i love them)

VERY good at biology

Either you like how wholesome it is due to how it protects it's Trainer with it's life, or terrified of it.

Hmmmm... Miraidon?
you like electric types!

has played scarlet and violet

shapeshifting has always been your favorite superpower. you also love mew, you love the theory that ditto is a failed clone of it.

either has an appreciation for axlotls... or is a nuzlocker.

May not have suffered the same frustrations that I and others faced when battling Whitney's Altaria in Emerald.

Goodra (Both formes)
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