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What does the Above User's Favorite Pokemon Tell you about them?

you like dragons! and perhaps (subjectively, i will admit) very cute renditions of them as well!
(pssst i think you meant winona... whitney is not in emerald, and she is infamous for a much different pokemon)

^ may hold a fondness for the original design philosophies that were present in the first Generation. In the specified case above, how various Pokemon developed early in development were cribbed from classic kaiju; with Nidoking and its evolutionary family deriving their distinctive mixture of traits both synapsid and diapsid from infrequently-appearing yet popular fossorial beast from Toho's bestiary: Baragon.

Bloodmoon Ursaluna
Some people have mentioned Sinistcha in F&G, which is technically not officially revealed and doesn't have an official render, so on that principle I'm assuming there's no spoiler embargo for specifically anything already released in Teal Mask; if there is, then forgive me.
^ finds themself captivated by staunch, stoical survivors of harsh climates and environments that conceal a presumably more awkward yet compassionate side within a heart hardened from times harsher than their ironically extant ethereal counterparts in the present.

is a fan of misty and the first season of the pokemon anime?

type: null
finds something darkly fascinating about humans trying to create a synthetic god. may or may not be a gladion fan as well.

You are a soft and cuddly person, with a fondness for mischief. But you still mean well in the end

likes ghosts and scary stuff?

That you're a person who (hopefully) likes it for more than just being cute, and you appreciate its uniqueness as the only Pokémon with more than 2 evolved forms, and the ability to have so many options on what to evolve it into. (Or you just appreciate it for its unique charms.)

Likes it competitively or because it's a non Dragon pseudo legendary.
Actually, I don't like Tyranitar for either of those reasons.
You're into black menacing mecha type of creatures (judging from your avatar too).

listens to lady gaga

You also like Snom and Pincurchin! what's up with those three looking so similar

The exuberant naivete of a swordsperson in training is a disposition that endears to this above user. Or, perhaps the direct analogue to the subaqueous mustelids that the family is derived from; what with the natural, keratin-formed shells and 'scalchops' being an ecological allusion to the Lutrinae's usage of rudimentary tools to pry open the armor of aquatic invertebrates, is something that fills the above user with adulation for character design ingenuity.

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