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What Gen 8 Pokemon Won the Biggest Piece of your Heart?

formerly techitisJ
Feb 1, 2013
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From the moment I saw this doggo, I knew I liked it. But it wasn't until using one in my playthrough of Sword that I really loved it. My Boltund named Alina was basically the Grim Reaper. She took souls everywhere she went. Very strong and speedy Pokemon. Definitely my favorite of the generation.
Now with a m̶e̶g̶a̶ Gigantamax
Mar 3, 2013
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Uh, this post has new Pokemon names in it, I hope that's ok? If not, I can edit in a spoiler or something...

For me it's probably Orbeetle. Going in without knowing any new Pokemon, I saw Blipbug and just thought "yay, another bug" but then I caught it and evolved it and Dottler was just so adorable, I loved it. And psychic is my favorite type, so I'm very happy with the bug this gen.
Well-Known Member
Oct 9, 2016
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Design-wise, I would have to say Copperajah. Love its green color, and it gets some great moves too - love the animation for its G-Max spikes move.

Lore-wise, Hatterene. As someone who is nothing if not an introvert, I can 100% relate to its explicit dislike of loud people.

Honorable mentions:
-Galarian Rapidash
-Cramorant (it's ability is actually pretty funny and really grew on me, in retrospect I kind of regret not swapping Inteleon out for it on my first playthrough)
Well-Known Member
Sep 15, 2010
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Clobbopus and Grapploct (Clobbopus if I have to pick one although I really love how Grapploct is animated)

It's hard saying that because I also really love Polteageist, Appletun, Grimmsnarl, etc but I do think Clobbopus is probably my favourite gen 8 Pokemon overall.

Usually there's one reveal that really gets me each gen. Last gens those Pokemon were Cofagrigus, Malamar and Drampa. This gen I think that honour goes to the Clobbopus line.
bₑₐₛₜ ₜₕₐₜ cₐₗₗₛ ₜₕₑ ₘₒₒₙ
Jan 22, 2014
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Oof, it looks like people are choosing one Pokemon largely; I can't as several won equal pieces of my heart.

So, I'll just say one for now: Boltund.

It's such a doggo it's not even funny. I love its design, its realistic cry, its Ability in Strong Jaw and that it has moves to abuse it with, its stat distribution, and the ease of getting one; when I saw how its fur raises in a lightning-esque fashion to attack, a verbal praise to Game Freak escaped me . As soon as my Yamper evolved, he immediately became one of the team's powerhouses, so much so that he ended up with the highest level come the Champion fight. There's also the part to it, too, where Boltund reminds me of my late dog, so it was a sentimental, loving interaction all around.
Praise Euterpe
Sep 23, 2013
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Do Galarian forms count, because if so definitely Galarian Rapidash. I love Galarian Rapidash so much. It's definitely making it among my top favorites.

As for new Pokemon, Zacian. I always like the more animal-like legendaries, and Zacian is super appealing. It looks so cool with its sword. Zamazenta gets a special mention, as it is a great design, too.

A special mention to Snom. I don't know how they made a bug Pokemon that cute, but I almost melted when I put it in camp mode.
Passionate (Let's) Go Hater
Mar 3, 2019
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Applin, easily. It's an adorable little wyrm in an apple, and the whole side story about "give an Applin to the person you love and you'll be together forever" just makes me love it even more.
like no one ever was
May 14, 2018
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Eiscue. I didn't like the design at first but after reading its Pokédex entries and seeing its ability I decided to have one on my team in the playthrough. Ended up being my lead from when I got it to the end of the post-game. Still leading with it in singles (Gastrodon/Goodra in doubles) in the Battle Tower.
Sep 28, 2019
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I like Galarian Corsola because it has an interesting concept and relates to an important real life issue.

I also like Galarian Ponyta and Hatenna. I feel like there are a lot of Pokémon that look better unevolved in Sword and Shield which is a shame because I always evolve my Pokémon if it's possible.
Oct 27, 2015
Reaction score
Just as it is with my all-time favourites, I can't commit to just one... Galarian Farfetch'd, Copperajah, Cramorant, Runerigus and Dottler.
Galarian Farfetch'd has this vibe that I just love.
Copperajah is adorbz in camping, picking up things with its trunk.
Cramorant's shtick will never not be funny to me, and it really gets the job done a LOT of the time.
Runerigus has such tragic lore, but I find it so cool at the same time, I love how it glides around as a solid structure when camping, too...
Dottler is the bug I never thought I'd love so much.
Aug 3, 2010
Reaction score
Sinistea and Poltigeist, as I simply adore object ghosts. I also really like how the lore actually addresses why they all use the same cup/pot, and even gives you a slight chance of finding an authentic rather than a forgery.

A few runner-ups are probably the Galarian Ponyta, Corsola, and Yamask lines, cause I'm a sucker for regional variants. As for the new mons, definitely Alcremie, although the downside is that it constantly makes me crave sweet stuff.