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What Gen 8 Pokemon Won the Biggest Piece of your Heart?

Grass-type enthusiast
Feb 15, 2021
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I actually liked Sandaconda the most.
A simple name to start with, which basically suggests how the Pokémon itself looks like, and plus there are these dragonic traits that definitely do not go unnoticed to my eyes. Sandaconda's trademark lies however on its polished and refined appearance, something that isn't most certainly common to see/notice on a Pokémon who belongs to the Ground-type.
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Aug 25, 2018
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Calyrex kind of has grown on me. While I always thought its design was strange at first, it does make sense when its in Rider form. I did enjoy the story and how they actually gave a Pokemon a voice- the first time in the games despite being in the anime like forever. Calyrex and its steeds are interesting Pokemon lore wise in SwSh definitely. And, while they did reuse fusion, its less of a fusion and more of Calyrex mounting its steeds.

Its not all perfect though, I'm disappointed that Calyrex wasn't Grass type in mounted form, because we have yet to have a Grass cover legendary so that was disappointing to learn that it was not a Grass type fused. I also don't like how its completely dependent on fusion, because without Fusion, its literally a worse Celebi.