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What happens to reported posts?

May 21, 2010
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So, what happens to the post after you hit that report button? How does the staff know about it? How long will it take to get taken care of or answered? I made a little tutorial to let users know a bit more about how the process works.

What happens when a post is reported?

This is a screenshot from the Reported Posts section that only staff can see. When a post is reported, a thread is made that every single member of staff can see, including those that do not moderate the forum the report originated from. (Yes, the actual post that is reported here is fake ;P)

1) Tells us who reported the post.
2) Reason why they reported the post (what rule it broke, etc)
3) What forum & thread the reported post is from
4) Mods in charge of that forum - we use the mention feature to get their attention in the post so action can be discussed
5) User that posted the post that was reported
6) What the reported post said

ONLY STAFF WILL SEE WHO REPORTED THE POST. The user you reported will NOT know it was you and you will NOT get in trouble for reporting a post. It is better to report something if you're not sure so please don't be afraid to do it. Just because a post is reported does not mean that the user will receive a warning or an infraction - often times, if they are new, we will send them a PM instead to encourage them to read the rules. You can report posts, visitor messages, private messages and social group messages all the same way and they will be forwarded to the staff. We see every single reported item in the same place.

The head of the forum the report is from will usually be the one to decide if a post will be warned/infracted, but in some cases, admins, and/or the deputy and/or head admin (me), the vice webmasters and the webmaster may make the final call on a decision if needed. Mods of the forum the reported post is from are usually the ones that will do the warning/infracting if necessary, but sometimes an admin or another member of staff will do so for one reason or another. We aren't all online 24/7 and sometimes problematic posts need taken care of sooner than later, so someone who is online will be given permission to go through with the action deemed necessary. Just as well, sometimes it takes us a few days to reach a decision on a problem. So, as you can see, everyone on the staff is encouraged to look at the reported posts and give their opinion so that the wrong decision is not made. If someone thinks the action that was taken was wrong, they can speak up in the thread of the report or in the infraction/warning thread so that it can be corrected. Yes, we can reverse warnings/infractions.

You can also appeal a warning, infraction, or forum ban if you think a mistake was made.

We don't discuss warnings, infractions or bans with users, except the user that received the warning/infraction/ban, then we will explain it to them the best we can. Only staff & the user that got warned/infracted/banned knows of it.

If you don't know how to report a post, you can find out HERE

I hope this helps clear some things up!