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What if I rewrote the Pokémon Sun and Moon anime?


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Jun 17, 2023
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What if I rewrote the Pokémon Sun and Moon anime?

For starters:
  • Ash wouldn’t be going to Pokémon School but he would still visit it from time to time
  • Mallow, Lana, Kiawe and Sophocles would not be his traveling companions. Lillie still would because I like Lillie’s character and her character arc (even if it was rushed in a way, shape or form) but I’m gonna put her in a role similar to Chloe’s (and by that, I’m saying make Lillie a supporting character and sometimes travel with Ash)
  • Another female protagonist in the anime (I will add Selene, I’m also making her Ash’s cousin because why not)
  • Hau is more prominent in the show instead of being introduced in the final season
  • Ash is probably less stupid (I personally do not think he is, but I’ve seen many people say he is); he’ll also get one starter instead of two (so Rowlet won’t be on his team)
Anyway, let’s jump right in!
Ash Ketchum
Age: 11 (so he can AGE finally)
  • Pikachu (obvious reasons)
  • Litten (I think it fits him the most, he is protagonist, and because of that, Hau still gets Rowlet) (evolves into Torracat around somewhere in the first/second season and Incineroar in the third)
  • Rockruff (keeping because why not, I also plan to keep the Rockruff evolve into Dusk form idea since I like that)
  • Rufflet (if Ash = Elio/Sun/Ray/whatever you call him, he can have Rufflet as it’s able to be caught in Sun/Ultra Sun)
  • Wishiwashi (type balance)
  • Morelull (type balance)
Selene Ketchum (cousin on his dad’s side)
Age: 11
  • A highly curious, easygoing Trainer who is friendly and energetic (similar to her self in Pokémon Masters)
  • One of her favorite things is fashion, which is why she often goes to clothes stores in the towns that have them (we’ll see her in a plethora of new outfits!)
  • She first met Ash at the Iki Town Festival.
  • She also befriends Lunala (debatable, but she IS Moon in Pokémon Adventures)
  • In the Japanese version, her catchphrase is “Lunartastic!” or something while in the dub, she either has a different catchphrase or keeps that one or has none at all
  • Popplio (since Lana’s not traveling with the group, even though, she got it before she started traveling with Ash, I’ll give Popplio to Selene)
  • Oricorio (its Fire style gives it type balance)
  • Mareanie (Pokémon adventures reference)
  • Eevee (evolves into an Eeveelution none of Ash’s companions have ever had and not to mention Lana isn’t traveling with them and Selene isn’t like all the female traveling companions of Ash’s who are “wanting to find their goal” or whatever)
  • Fomantis (type balance, plus Luran outfit in Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon)
  • Grubbin (Pokémon adventures manga)
Age: 11
Team: Same as the games
Age: 11
  • Egg/Vulpix (I’ll likely have her get in later or earlier, idk)
  • Lilligant (as its princess like, and Lillie was called a “princess” by Lusamine sometime in the anime, don’t remember when it was)
  • Klefki (fairy type)
  • Clefairy (fairy type + she has it in the game or something)
I was gonna give her a Glaceon but I didn’t think it would be right, because Selene already has an Eevee and yeah idk. I was also gonna give her a Bounsweet, but then I decided not to as Mallow already has Tsareena, so yeah.

There’s also a few other things in the rewrite.
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Thanks! I’m gonna start writing the episodes for the rewrite very soon (if I can even get around to it lol)! I may need some help with it though since I haven’t watched much SM in months or as of recent-
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