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what if zekrom didn't restore pikachu's electricity?


Active Member
Feb 22, 2022
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so in the black and white season of the pokemon anime, pikachu and ash encounters a legendary pokemon Zekrom in the episode "In the Shadow of Zekrom," who was responsible for rendering pikachu's electricity inert and was unable to use any of his electric moves, therefore, somehow still loosing to a level 5 snivy that barely knew how to fight. in "Enter Iris and Axew," ash took pikachu to a professor to try and figure out a way to restore pikachu's electricity. while that was being done, Zekrom later shows up and shoots a lightning strike at pikachu restoring his electricity and pikachu can use his electric moves again. but what if that didn't happen though? like say, Zekrom either didn't show up where pikachu was, or it's thunder strike ended up missing pikachu and it left without restoring pikachu's electricity. how do you people think that would impact the anime, and would there be another way of restoring pikachu's electricity?


Well-Known Member
Nov 2, 2016
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I assume this would cause massive problems for Ash and Pikachu together and as a result Pikachu would probably not be used for the first few gyms (which honestly sounds better than his rather poor performance against Cilan and his colourful hair trio).

It wouldn't last forever though as later on they would eventually find a way for him to get it back though I'm not sure how. I would have mentioned the TR/TP two parter but we all know what happened to that.

I've always thought that it's an interesting sort of arc for a dramatic story the two could deal with as even @AnimeJewel246 mentioned a while back in another thread but as we all know B&W handled it appallingly and immediately brushed it all away as well as kicking Zekrom in the locker.


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May 17, 2015
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For me, the event in episode 1 doesn't affect in entire bw season. It is really unnecessary event
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