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What if...

Aug 23, 2018
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What if Go stumbles upon a book which contains stories highly similar to trainers who went to extreme lengths to capture legendary Pokemon and failed due to unethical methods? (I’m thinking including the movie stories too). I’m not saying anything good/bad about Go here, but it would be nice if he ended up with some introspection on the actual implications of capturing Mew and exactly how capturing all Pokémon will get him closer to the goal.
It'd be a perfect opportunity to cameo previous movie antagonists, and in the end credits for Pokemon Heroes Annie and Oakley read about Lawrence III (from the second movie) in the prison library so there is precedent. Some movie characters like Butler and Kidd realised the folly of their intentions in seeking out Groudon and Mew, they'd be able to warn Go about going too far. Butler nearly lost Diane because of his focus on creating Groudon, like how Go's goal of catching every type of Pokemon has been a sore point for Raboot.
Prepare for over-used stock animation!
Jan 29, 2011
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I have two huge "what if"s that could have led to much more interesting stories than what we ended up getting:

What if Satoshi never overslept at the start of his Pokemon journey? I always thought this would have been a much better approach to M20 than "a handful of OS episodes but worse":
  • It would have given a clear divergent point from the main series and a reason for things to be different (he woke up on time instead of sleeping in) instead of M20 just being slightly off from the beginning. This would mean:
  • He wouldn't get Pikachu as his starter. Which starter would he get? I believe he chose Zenigame first (though that's only going off the dub, not sure about the original) so theoretically he'd still go with that, but he could pick any of them.
  • Would he get along with his new starter? If he did, would he have upset the flock of Onisuzume? Maybe he wouldn't have been chased by them into a river, never met Kasumi by the waterfall, never stole her bike, and never had the moment where his starter defended him, showing its true power, and maybe he never saw Houou. What if he still didn't get along with it? Would it have abandoned him?
  • Would he have needed to stay in the Tokiwa City Pokemon Center overnight? Would he have missed the Rocket trio's raid on it? And if he had stayed, Kasumi wouldn't have followed him there because he never destroyed her bike. Without the overly-strong Pikachu, would Satoshi's other starter have been able to stand up to the Rocket trio? Would they have taken his starter or would a Junsar have intervened? She did show up right as the explosion happened in the original. What would be the Rocket trio's reason for following Satoshi, if at all?
All of these questions and possible differences and it only goes to the end of the second episode. So much missed potential for an interesting movie (and not just "hey do you remember the Butterfree scene?" The Movie).


What if Serena had been a boy but still had a similar storyline in XY? This is something I thought of years ago and without getting too much into detail with it:
  • Would have been much more interesting and subversive to have a boy interested in traditionally feminine things without being seen as a joke.
  • Could still have remembered Satoshi from his childhood and vowed to meet up with him. Also totally would still have a crush on him but I know that'd upset a loooot of people...
  • He could still have been pressured by his mother to take on Sihorn racing since it's more "masculine"- could lead to XY053 being much more interesting.
  • They also could have kept the entirely arbitrary "only girls can compete in Showcases" thing only framed it as a negative- Serena would still compete in them but dressed as a girl- perhaps Sana would know of his desire and convince him to compete in disguise. This could lead to an extra layer of tension and suspense in every performance episode
  • XY060 could still work mostly the same, but not sure what the equivalent of the haircut scene would be.
  • Musashi could catch on to Serena's secret midway through the series and vow to expose him in a 2-birds-1-stone way- would make her look "noble" for ratting out a cheater and would eliminate some of the competition. This could lead to an EP155-style episode where Musashi and Serena are split from the group and connect- could also lead to Musashi remembering her past as a failed performer and possibly a new flashback where she tried competing in something she wasn't supposed to and a rival snubbed her. Or perhaps revisiting when she tried being a Pokemon nurse, failing because she was a human in a school for Lucky? Eventually the episode would end with Musashi promising not to rat out Serena, as long as he gave it his all and never gave up.
  • Semifinals roll around, his secret is exposed somehow. Maybe a wig falls off on-stage or someone catches him out of costume. Ultimately leads to him being disqualified.
  • He is crushed but perhaps Elle could be in support of boys entering and lobbies to have the rules changed the following season.
  • As he leaves the finals to move on to Satoshi's next badge, a little boy could stop him and say that he was his biggest fan and, now that he knows boys can compete as well as girls, says he's going to grow up and compete when he is old enough. This would ultimately be the victory even though he technically lost.

They could have kept pretty much all of the story beats from the version we got in-tact but fleshed them out to give them more depth while adding new ones (such as the Musashi episode) to give it more focus.
Mar 23, 2011
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Okay so I will continue my What if we change the plot of Go catching Pokemon to arrive to Mew.

In this changes I made the four Galar episodes into an arc

Episode 4
  • Team Rocket is already in Galar accompanied by Wobuffet and Mime Jr, they have been sent by Giovanni to investigate the Dynamax Phenomenon
  • The Eternartus incident still happens
  • Team Rocket discovers that in Wyndon Stadium a Wishing Star is exhibited, they plan to steal it since apparently it has something to do with Dynamax
  • Scorbunny and the Nickit trio steals food from Team Rocket however Team Rocket traps them with Wobuffet help.
  • Meowth uses his Nyagotiating skills to convince Scorbunny to steal the star in exchange of lots of food.
  • Ash and Go go to Wyndon Stadium to see the Star but they also see Scorbunny stealing it
  • Go realizes that a Pokemon will never steal an object like that for himself so he suggests Ash to follow Scorbunny
  • When they arrive in an alley they see Scorbunny talking with some shady figures. However when Scorbunny hands the star they put him in a net.
  • When Ash and Go confronts them they reveal to be Team Rocket
  • Ash battles them however Team Rocket uses Wobuffet and Mime Jr to defend themselves
  • Ash with the help of Scorbunny distracting the Rockets manage to defeat them and make them blast off.
  • However Team Rocket blast off with the star
  • When citiziens and authorities arrive they blame Scorbunny and they say that they will ban Scorbuny and the Nickit Trio from the city since they always have been causing trouble
  • Go defends Scorbunny saying that he will find the star alongside Scorbunny so he can correct his mischiefs
  • Scorbunny is moved by Go, Ash says that Go is finally starting to understand how the Pokemon are.
  • The authorities tells that the signal of the star comes from the wild area. So Go Ash and Scorbunny go there to find Team Rocket and the star
Episode 5
  • Team Rocket has landed in the wild area, they are happy cause while they have not captured Scorbunny or Pikachu they still have the Wish Star
  • However due to a dispute the Star ends getting engulfed by a Silcobra
  • Jessie Catches the Silcobra but the star goes flying again
  • This times the star ends eaten by a Cramorant, Silcobra attacks Cramorant which causes the star to be shoot at Meowth face
  • Cramorant tries to eat James head instead who throws a Pokeball and catches him.
  • Ash, Go and Scorbunny explore the wild area seeing how many wild pokemon are there
  • Go says that Scorbunny reminded him when he was little, he always got in trouble because of his attitude
  • Ash and Go surprises Team Rocket near a nest and a Snorlax
  • Ash battles Team Rocket however Team Rocket Pokemon prove to be tough enough, Scorbunny urges Go to give him some orders which Go doubts but in the end he accepts
  • During the battle the star goes flying near the snorlax and starts glowing which causes to activate a Dynamax nest
  • Snorlax Gygamaxes and starts attacking everyone in sight.
  • Go suggests to Ash and Team Rocket to join forces
  • They try fighting but Snorlax is too powerfull
  • When they are almost done for Snorlax returns to his previous forms apparently Dynamax does not last very long
  • However the Wish Star lost his power
  • Team Rocket decide they had enough and escape
  • Go said that he had fear but he had lot of fun with Ash and Scorbunny
  • Scorbunny wants Go to be his trainer, but Go says to him that he wanted to catch Mew first
  • Scorbunny gets sad but Go says that he also wants to be Scorbunny friend since it's always nice to have someone who believe in you like Scorbunny does
  • Go catches Scorbunny and they returns the star at Wyndon.
  • Scorbunny says goodbye to the Nickits
Episode 6-7
  • This episodes are episodes 12 -13 adaption so it's a Galar arc, in those there are not many changes
  • The battle of Lance and Leon is the same
  • Team Rocket reports to Giovanni that the star has a relation with Dynamax energy, also they inform him that they got new Pokemon,Giovanni tells them to observe the match and return to Kanto
  • The Dreadnaw incident is caused when James Cramorant drill pecks the floor and reveals dynamax energy
  • The battle between Gygamax Pikachu and Dreadnaw is the same
  • The battle between Ash and Leon is the same
  • Go advices Ash that in the Pokemon World tournament there are very strong trainers but also some of them are really mean and they bend the rules to his favour

Episode 8 (The catch spree episode)
  • Some reports have advice of unusual presences in Virdian Forest
  • Go and Ash are send to investigate in order to find if Mew is behind this
  • The bug pokemon show a really violent behaviour towards Ash and Go
  • After figting trought the Pokemon they discover that the strange presence arround Virdian forest is a rampant Pinsir which has stolen the food of the other pokemon
  • Go confronts the Pinsir but Scorbunny ends really bad.
  • Go blames himself but Scorbunny recovers at PC
  • Scorbunny and Go defeats Pinsir with the help of Ash who says to go that being a Pokemo ntrainer is hard but that learning from mistakes like Go did helps a lot
  • Go says that he will not be a Pokemon trainer who uses Pokemon for fighting, he will use them to discover the mysteries arround the pokemon world
  • He has realized that while he discoveirs this mysteries one day he will unveil the biggest enigma of the Pokémon world: Mew
  • Go and Ash realize that Pinsir is sad that he has to leave the forest, Go says to Pinsir that he can stay with him is he stops beeing mean.
  • Pinsir accepts and Go catches Pinsir.

So in conclusion the main changes of this series that I will do are:

  • Team Rocket has his own Pokemon and are sent by Giovanni to diferent Regions due to their travels pursuing Pikachu
  • Go has a troubled past that is known by Ash
  • Go goal is the same however instead of catching all the Pokemon of the world,Go wants to discover mysteries arround the Pokemon world hoping that one of them is related to Mew.
  • Go will not catch that many pokemon, not more than one per episode
  • Go and Ash have good friendship but sometimes it gets really tense between them
  • There is some kind of conspiracy in the PWT
Oct 29, 2019
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gladion was the protagonist and we would give tcpi the lemon for making ash and his red-eye-ex-machina the champs??

What if there are episodes which were produced and banned before we ever heard of their existence, because of fire, flood, plague, Uri Geller lawsuits .etc? :unsure:
most prolly such episodes will get the axe because of the hiatus this time imo
Pikachu Aficionado
Feb 15, 2019
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I don't know who feels the same way as I do in regard to the Team Rocket trio, but here's something I wanted to say.

Personally, the group consisting of Jessie, James, and Meowth is one of my favorite things, despite what roles they play. I really like them as a team, and even though they fail miserably nearly every time, they are great. Taking the few times they've actually partnered temporarily with Ash and the others shows how great they can actually be, which is something we can easily miss. Honestly, the one with the most potential is most likely James.

I will admit that I do wish they had a better occupation other than always trying to be criminals, but I never see them quitting and traveling with Ash, even though it would be extremely interesting if it were so.