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what is the purpose of remedy?


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Feb 22, 2022
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does anyone know what is even the purpose of remedy if it has the same exact uses as the potions and the crafting recipes are also exactly the same, except for the tier 1 remedy which requires bugwort instead of the medicinal leeks? why would i want to make my pokemon hate me for using an item that functions just like a potion? and the move frustration does not exist in the game which gives me less of a reason to use remedy. it also makes it more difficult to evolve pokemon that requires friendship so there is that too.
I've been asking myself that question for as long as herbs have been in existence, yet somehow they keep bringing them back.
Who knows. There must be a reason for their presence, otherwise, they would not exist.
well then what would that be? its not like they are easier to craft considering that you can find a lot of those leeks to craft potions in the first location you visit to and oran berries aren't that hard to come by either since i think those are the most common berries you can find. oh and there is also no max remedy by the way. other then using bugwort to make the first tier, the rest of the tiers uses the same exact ingredient as the other 2 tier potions.
As far as I can tell, there's no constant friendship features in LA besides some evolutions. I suppose it's not functionally inferior even if there's no niche benefit.
As far as I can tell, there's no constant friendship features in LA besides some evolutions. I suppose it's not functionally inferior even if there's no niche benefit.
true but then there are max heals. which by the way, there is no max heal version of remedy.
Honestly, I don't see a use in them when I can already craft potions. The Bugwort should instead be used for the Stealth Spray IMO.
yeah i think bugwort should of been used for that too. heck, you might not even know those items exist cause you need to buy the recipes over at the workstation building. so yeah, they might as well not have been in the game in the first place. and you can't say that they are cheaper than potions because the store never sells them, and not even the merchant sells them either.
ok so i recently found out that remedy is actually more expensive. while you can't buy the remedy in any store, the ingredient to craft remedy is actually more expensive than the medicine leak, which is about 180 compared to the 120 that medicine leak costs. so yeah, remedy is actually more expensive than potions somehow.
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