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What is your most-used Pokémon?

Almost definitely Espeon.
I'll use an Eevee in every game that it's available to me, including spinoffs — and with Espeon being not only my favorite Eeveelution, but also just a fast powerful special attacker that's nice to have on any team... seems like I usually end up with one more often than not. It's been a staple on my competitive teams since Gen 6, too. I can't help it!
90% sure mine's Ninetales

I try to use my big favorites whenever they're available, and Ninetales happens to show up in a good majority of the games so it usually ends up on my team in some way. This applies to both forms. Even ignoring the Alolan variant though, I still think I've used the Kantonian one more than any other Pokemon
Since I play so many ROM hacks and many of them have only Pokémon from Generations 1-3, I end up using Magneton the most due to its typing and it being an Electric type that isn't a pure Electric type. I would use Magnezone where available.
For the sake of getting to train as many of the Pokémon I find interesting as possible, I usually try to avoid putting the same Pokémon onto a "permanent party" (the party I take to face the Elite Four and Champion) more than once. One notable exception is Meganium, the final form of my very first starter Pokémon. At some point leading up to the release of Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, I discovered it was possible to catch some past starters in Sun and Moon. So I caught a Chikorita in Sun, and then after I got Ultra Sun I traded the Chikorita to myself as soon as I could. It was fun to go on another journey with my very first Pokémon!
I've used Gardevoir 4 times now, closest would be crobat with 3 times
I've used Charizard and Nidoking countless of times. Almost all my playtrough in Kanto. I've had like a thousand of those . I've also used Dragonite and Gyarados like 5 to 8 times. I've used Lucario 4 times and Roserade 3 times.
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