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What kind of technology could make possible to create Pokemon in real life?

Aug 27, 2021
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I like science fiction and even though Pokemon is not a sci fi genre anime I was thinking how technology could make them possible to create someday.

I was thinking about genetic engineering but the technology behind the Pokeballs is quite tricky.

Pokemon could be robots but they would not be able to reproduce. Still there would be some crazy technology to turn their mass into data/energy to be stored in the Pokeball.

I was reading about foglets which are swarms of nanobots that could simulate any form. The foglets( they would be some sorte of AI) could exit the pokeballs and aqcuire the desired Pokemon shape and after the fight then the foglets would return to the balls. It would look much like the anime. Additional foglets would make the especial moves and visual effects.

The most realistic technology are free space holograms and 3d pixels. The Pokeballs could have 3d holographic projectors that would release the holograms and it would take shake of the selected Pokemon exactly line in te anime( with the exception that you would not need to throw the Pokeball Mike in the anime but its light sould still appear). Since it is a virtual 3d hologram( further tech could make them touchable and more interactive) the pokemon could easily performance even the most surreal moves in real life and its owners would not nerd any extra device to see them and everybody could see their Pokemon. It is an advantage over synthetic biology and robotics because DNA and chemistry has limits and moves that appears to violante the laws of physics like Flamethrower could not be possible.
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Serverus Snope

↑ & ↓ & ↻
Mar 24, 2015
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Honestly, our best bet would be a holographic Duel Disk System™.


Mar 24, 2010
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I believe that would be a reference to the technology in Yugioh that made the card game something besides staring at cards on a table. Would create environments and hologram images of the monsters.

Basically what they're saying is like... probably arenas with holographic projectors and screens instead of actual ground so when people battled the arena would turn into a field or something and you'd have holograms of the pokemon running around in battle. Or, something too expensive to ever exist in reality. :p


Artificial Enemy
Feb 2, 2009
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Yeah, holographic technology is the only thing I can think of, as well. That's the closest we'll get.