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What kind of trainer are you?

From my experience, there are 5 different types of Pokemon trainers. Which one of these are you?

Type A
Focuses mostly on one Pokemon, usually nicknaming it and having it at a much higher level than all the other Pokemon in your party.
Type B
Well rounded, all Pokemon are almost exactly the same level. Usually has a lot of different types.
Type C
Always focuses on one type of Pokemon, and builds their entire team off that type.
Type D
The clueless type. Doesn't know anything about the game, and plays at random until they get bored.
Type E
A hardcore gamer who obsesses over strategy and trains their entire team to insane levels.

I'm a Type A trainer, but I'm trying to focus on becoming a Type B. So, which type are you?
New Member
I'd be a burglar form firered/leaf green

or an ace trainer/cool trainer.
.....oh. For this podt, I'd be...type E or B. I have many types, but love dark and dragon types. Also, I do not raise my pokemon to level 100 unless they have max stats. ..er my siggy, I guess. Two pokemon dragon three dark.
I've always been:

Type B
Well rounded, all Pokemon are almost exactly the same level. Usually has a lot of different types.

I usually only use 5 Pokemon though.
New Member
I have been a Type B since all the back in Blue version, I just like having a well-balanced team.

Personally Type C is impractical because at least 1 trouble or elite four trainer will wipe the floor with you. It's probably why gym leaders lose to weak trainers.
Screenshot Maniac
I used to be sort of a Type A when I first started playing the games. I used to just concentrate on a few Pokémon in my team and the rest would be so under-leveled.

But now I'm definitely more a Type B, I try and train my main party up equally in level, even if it means grinding for a while, and my team always has different types.
The Egg Mouse Pokemon. :P
I'm type B and C. I constantly train up my weaker mon' and I have four types that I love. If I don't have a Fire, Electric, Dragon, and Flying type in my team, I will catch one. It just feels weird without my favorite types.
The Creeping Darkness
Definately type B, but not to the extent of freaking out when one pokemon starts to outlevel the rest by 5 or 6 levels. I usually try to train them equally, just move them around when one levels and keep them even, and I like to keep a well rounded team, though I enjoy trying it with weird typing combinations.
Leopard Owner
Type A, with of course getting whatever I would like to use and need(Flame Body/Magma Armor Pokémon, PickUpers, all the jazz). But I always train them to Level 100 with making most of them HM Slaves.

Simply because I am bored.
High Summoner
On Sapphire, LeafGreen and Pearl, I've been a Type A.
For SoulSilver I'm trying to be a type B, but my Croconaw and my Pidgeotto are level 19 while my other pokemon are around level 14...^^

good cyberdaddy
I'm working at becoming a Type B. My main Pokemon in FireRed was a Pidgeot that was like 20 levels higher than my next highest. So, in SoulSiver, I'm working at leveling my team up to his level one by one.