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What little things, details, and other small additions in Sword/Shield that you like

Geek of the Games
Dec 23, 2009
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Something came to mind recently. As you know, more recent Pokemon games tend to railroad you to go in certain directions. This includes your first visit to Motostoke, where the Macros Cosmos staff escort you at certain times. While this is part of the railroading, there is actually an in-universe reason for it: Leon's legendary bad sense of direction. Considering that Leon could probably get lost going to the bathroom in his own home, the league staff wants to make sure that other participants don't have this problem, hence why they escort you around a bit during the early stages. Again, yeah, it's part of the railroading trend the games have developed, but at least in Galar there is one reason for it, at least at certain points, anyway. At least it gives some justification to the early game railroading, considering that Leon, the current Champion, probably couldn't find his way out of a paper bag without a map (and maybe even then require help) due to his horrible sense of direction. The league staff wants to ensure that the other participants don't suffer from Leon's "condition" and act as escorts just in case. It's still annoying, yes, but at least there seems to be some justification to it.