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What makes you happy?

Writing (when I can actually get to doing so lmao), and of course being among friends and having a fun time together as goofballs
I think someone smiling or saying 'hi' to me makes me happy, as does listening to music I like. Seeing people helping one another also makes me happy. Bright colours, sparkling and glittery things, and Hello Kitty! make me happy!
I’ve posted here already, but I have a few things to add

when I find music that makes my brain feel all good (WE WERE DRIVING A GETAWAY CAR), people understanding my rambling, the hunger games (don’t ask, I reeaaaallllyyyy love this series) when I understand a reference in a song or something, finding people who share my interests and are nice about it (goodbye Reddit, I knew you for one day) finding art of characters I like, being able to get the idea of a drawing/animatic actually onto paper/my iPad, when people like my stuff so much they go into a rambley all caps obsession over it (that makes me feel so good), Pokémon in general, people either leaving me alone/talking to me and giving me attention, whichever one I feel like (ambivert here... Heh), getting any sort of compliment, just the things I really like at the moment, (like Pokémon or the hunger games), my friends, my family (most of the time)

wow hehe..
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