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Movies/TV What Old Films and TV shows have you seen?

Mar 6, 2023
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  1. He/Him
I’ve been watching a lot of clips on YouTube of black and white shows that are beloved by many and ones I discovered through my dad. Twilight Zone’s twists are always fun to watch. I’ve been watching clips of this sitcom called The Andy Griffith Show that has the characters messing around with each other.

I’ve also been into watching some of Akira Kurosawa’s Samurai movies. The characters all feel meaningful and are also really cool.

Now, I’m curious what old shows are you all into. What do you find so interesting about them? Or are you not that into some old shows? Any old shows you’ve just happened to watch and somehow remember?
Hmmm, let's see...

--I quite like the 1960's Batman TV show. It's just extremely goofy adventure, great when you just want to watch something fun.
--My parents have recently been introducing me and my siblings to the Jetsons. It's funny in a very silly way, and seeing what people thought the future would be like is quite interesting (one episode had a robber heist a sack of physical money from the bank, because nobody had thought of credit cards and digital fund theft :enzap: )
--I grew up watching Marx Brothers movies, and still do occasionally. They're just some of those things that stay good no matter how old they get, in my opinion.
--Get Smart, which is a show that's basically a James Bond spoof. (just now realizing how many of these are comedies...I guess I have an old sense of humor.)

(To anyone looking these up, note that these were made before the modern standard of political correctness. They are not hateful or malicious, but there might be a few things you disagree with. That probably goes without saying for old shows in general, but I want to be clear so no one comes back and screams at me later.)
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