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What Pokemon are you planning on using in Pokemon Legends: Arceus?

I went in completely blind in terms of Hisuian forms, and had no concrete plans for a team whatsoever, outside of knowing that I wanted to use Typhlosion (it's been my favourite final starter evo forever, how could I not?).

Now that I've beat the main story of the game, my team looks like this:

I ended up not having a set team. I rotate my team all the time to complete/perfect my Poké Dex, especially ever since my pasture is full.
So, I wasn't really even planning on getting this game, so I had no plans for a team whatsoever. Once I decided to get it, I looked into all the new Pokemon introduced to decide what I liked the most. This team just kind of came to be after deciding what I liked and just random choices here and there. But I ended up swapping in and out numerous Pokemon throughout my entire time playing the game. Actually it wasn't until after beating like 2 nobles that I even started to shape a permanent team.


Kisame the Hisuian Samurott was my definite starter choice. Oshawott is one of my all time favorite starters, so I was of course picking it. Thankfully, H-Samurott has the best design of all the new H-starter forms too. I also got lucky with him as he has an Adamant nature. He was mainly the quick hard hitter for the team.
Kurotsuchi the Gastrodon was a high level Pokemon I caught as I was looking for a Shellos to increase my customization options. Since I was so under-leveled I kept her around to have someone who could take hits. She didn't obey me at first though since she was higher leveled. She was the bulky tank of my team for the longest. After keeping her for so long, I couldn't bear to replace her and tbh I didn't really have anything I wanted to replace her with, so that is how she joined. Yeah two water types, but I didn't care.
Haruno the Purugly was another team member I had no plans to initially add. I just like Glameow so when I caught one I decided to add her to the team literally just for fodder. But I kept her so long that she actually got stronger, would help take out opponents, and win important battles. When she actually got strong enough to evolve, I was like, "Yeah, I'm keeping her". It was great having a fast and semi-bulky Pokemon.
Temari the Chatot was added simply because I love Chatot. It's my favorite flying type so of course I had to have this gal. I'm happy to finally have a Chatot on my team once again in a game where Chatot finally has a constant flying animation. Sadly she sucks at taking hits since she's a Chatot so I mainly used her to finish off weakened opponents.
Tsunade the Sneasler was a nightmare to evolve, but as soon as I saw the design for this thing I knew I wanted one on my team. I caught probably like 20 H-Sneasel but eventually I got my new favorite Hisuian Pokemon. Tsunade ended up grossly over-leveled compared to the rest of my team, so sadly I often used her as a sacrificial Wooloo since she could afford to not gain EXP. She also wouldn't obey me at first since I didn't have a high enough rank.
Fusetsu the Alpha Gooda was the last to join my team. I love the Goomy line so I definitely had to get the adorable Hisuian versions on my team. I heard in the spot to catch Goomy I could find an Alpha Sliggoo and since alphas are the new thing I though, why not get one for my team? Sadly Kurotsuchi accidentally K.O.'d the first one so I had to reset a few times to get another, but finally I caught mine. She was great as another bulky team mate who could actually survive hits.
I'm using the team H Goodra, H Samurott, H Zoroark, H Arcanine, Gliscor and Luxray. I tend to stick to pokemon with a double typing but Luxray is my all time favourite pokemon so of course I had to make an exeption. I've really enjoyed playing with the Hisuian forms of pokemon. Especially H Zoroark and H Goodra because of their amazing typing. H Arcanine's typing is trash but it's such a well designed pokemon I had to add it to my team. My H Zoroark and H Goodra are alphas.
At the moment, having just recently calmed Lilligant and cleared Crimson Mirelands, my team is:

  • Typhlosion: The starter. What else is there to say?
  • Weavile: Found as a Sneasel in my very first space-time distortion at Horseshoe Plains. Dropped a Razor Claw after the capture, meaning I had Weavile before starting Crimson Mirelands.
  • Gardevoir: Found as a Ralts in Gapejaw Bog after a very long search for one. Was the absolute MVP against Lilligant with that Strong Style Draining Kiss.
  • Goomy: Found at the Holm of Trials after doing what I believe was unintentional sequence breaking to reach. Currently the baby of my intended team.
  • Luxray and Floatzel: Literal filler Pokémon, almost never used in battles, kept around as death fodder if one of the above four needs a Revive. They'll be retired when I find my last two picks, Hisuian Sneasel and Rotom.
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