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What Pokémon do you wish was in SV?

Other than the 60-ish pokemon still not in any switch games, I wanted:
Darkrai and Shaymin. Most Sinnoh mythical and legendaries are in, why not these two?
Same for Xerneas, Yveltal and Zygarde. Kalos starters and mythicals are in, but not the legendaries? why?
Metagross and Kommo-o. All other pseudo legends are here, but not these. Especially bad since Metagross is one of the two pseudo legends that is not partially dragon.

Also some more random legends in the postgame. Like they can be insanely complicated, but it would be nice to have the option.
I really wanted the Skitty evolutionary line to be in, if only because I have personally never used them, and SV could have been the opportunity to try them out.
Bulbasaur (although he'll likely be added in future DLC along with Squirtle).
Porygon line.
Lotad line (really should have been included from the get-go).
Blitzle line.
Bewear (just love it).

i don't care that it doesn't make thematic sense; when i saw the list of pokemon and mythics and legendaries that were allowed to be transferred over to paldea, i was bummed out that my favourite little mythical missed out on a chance to be on a current mainline game while for some reason diancie is, so i guess the pokemon that are allowed to be transferred over to specific pokemon games seem to be picked at random. >.>
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