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What Pokémon town/city would the above user live in?

Pallet Town or Twinleaf Town! Both are small, cozy places with water nearby, so I figured either would suit you just fine.
Azalea Town

It's next to a forest, they really value their relationship with Pokemon there, and it's in Johto where a lot of your favorite Pokemon seem to be

Haven't seen you around much but looking at your profile and such, I think I assessed enough to make an assumption XD
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Either Virbank City or Nimbasa City.
I've always gotten a Unova vibe from you, and I know that you're an actor, so maybe being nearby Pokéstar Studios or the Pokémon Musical Theater would be fitting for you as a Trainer.
Ballonlea, home of the Fairy-types.
It has a dark, whimsical fantasy vibe about it alongside elegant architecture, and I think all that would suit you pretty well. :)
goldenrod city or ecruteak coz bill has eevee and kimono ladies have all eeveelutions
Ecruteak City (Home to the Kimono Sisters, known for the Eeveelutions
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