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what pokemon would be best for the job?

I'd go with Smeargle. It'll help with concept art !

Card game maker
Definitely Xatu, that bird can see into the far, FAR future. But any pokemon that can see the future can fit this job tbh.

zoroark, naturally

I don't think any Pokemon can withstand that, it'd be cruel but Farfetch?

florges! it'll DEFINITELY make sure nobody tries trambling on the flowers...

prosecuting attorney
malamar, mind control and the ability to be incredibly evil :p

f1 racer
kangaskhan maybe? they take good care of kids apparently. probably better care than the real cps

ice cream taste tester
Lickitung. Got put that tongue to good use

the internet loves cat videos, especially when involving overly fat cats or very silly kittens, so i think purugly or skitty would be most successful.
if you want a pokemon to help you in your streaming endeavors, i recommend porygon2, for it can infiltrate the site to get you a bunch of views/put you on the front page. (porygon may be too old, porygon-z would probably just ruin the servers)

it wouldn't be very good at it, but could you imagine a kleavor being a surgeon?

(ok thats... thats funny, i want to see that) mr. mime, it can mimic anything you put in front of it. that way if you need to teach it a role all you have to do it show it what it's supposed to do

ho-oh, cuz it's a phoenix, wright?

Meloetta! I feel like they would be good at it, since they're literally the Melody Pokemon

Mmmm, Royal Guard??
furfrou, they apparently guarded kalosian royalty in the distant past!

i would say stakataka, but i'm not sure there's any pokemon that has such a grasp on math and art to be able to design buildings.

stock broker
um... meowth. kind of both the best and the worst, honestly.

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