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What question would you ask the avatar above?

i know you like peaches, what about plums?
Will you be able to fix those computer problems?
What are you planning to do with that monkey? What is the species of your accomplice? I can see their head :oops:
Are you an Ice type Charmander variant?
Are you the leader of a pokemon cult, or are you just really friendly?
Are you a fan of Hatsune Miku?
Idk Why I even asked that lol
Do you give your Pokémon Mega Stones or Z-Crystals?
Are you preparing to be carried away by that Drifloon?
Do you like Dynamax or Gigantamax better?
If you, an amalgamation of countenances, are aware enough to perceive fear and/or popular culture trends; are you perhaps aware of the currently unofficial anxiety phenomena termed informally as "trypophobia": an irrational fear of clusters?
What seems to appear is an innocent, jovial event, but is it truly still jovial if it is repeated enough to no longer be special?
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