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What question would you ask the avatar above?

Do you like yellow and orange a lot then?

REPLY EDIT: They used to be but now they're second after Normal and Fighting which are tied.
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Did you see the light and was it blinding? :)

REPLY EDIT: No, Nando is playing them a soothing song on his harp.
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Was everyone kung fu fighting as the lyrics of the song go?

REPLY EDIT: Because he is Nando and he is playing them a soothing song on his harp.
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are you about to kill someone?

Is your jacket so iconic that if you buy a new jacket, it’s the end of your career? (Got this from a video lmao)
i don't think it would end his career, necessarily, but i think silver is pretty heavily associated with that jacket and attempts at giving him a drastic redesign may accordingly be met with animosity from the pokemon community
are you ever gonna actually give your brother a proper talking-to for being such a twat to everyone :M

How many people did you kill last week
i don't think she kills tooooo many people directly, mostly she just brainwashes people and gets them to kill one another. if we consider all of them victims of junko... probably about 500, to answer your question :)
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