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Music What song are you currently listening to?

edit: the song is supposed to be called hoshi no déjà-vu but the automated embedder doesn't like accented characters lol
You’re losing me - Taylor swift

Some of these lyrics are so good
“I’m getting tired even for a pheonix
Always rising from the ashes, mending all her gashes” jahdkskakala

This whole bridge is so aksjakkakaks (some of the best parts)

“And all I did was bleed as I tried to be the bravest soldier
Fighting in only your army
Frontlines, don't you ignore me
I'm the best thing at this party”

“And I wouldn't marry me either
A pathological people pleaser
Who only wanted you to see her”

Then the second part of the bridge
“And I'm fadin', thinkin'
"Do something, babe, say something" (say something)
"Lose something, babe, risk something" (you're losin' me)
"Choose something, babe, I got nothing (got nothing)
To believe
Unless you're choosin' me"

And the song has this metaphor of a relationship dying but with like a heart. There’s a heartbeat in the background and the chorus has “my heart won’t stop anymore… for you”
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