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What Tera Type Is Your Mew?

Dragon-type...I don't think I'll change it since I doubt they'll give Mewtwo Dragon or Fairy moves.
Hey, I got Grass too! The joke is that I headcanon Mew were originally all types before evolving into the species we see today, leaving only the psychic ones XDDD
Mine is Bug, unfortunately for me.

Haven't tried Violet yet because I don't feel like taking it out of my game case.
I got Tera Steel, which I was quite pleased with, but I changed it to Tera Bug to deal with Mewtwo. (My final set was Leech Life, Swords Dance, Struggle Bug, and X-Scissor. I had both Leech Life and X-Scissor because I previously had PP issues with having just Leech Life, even after maxing it out to 16 PP.)
I got Tera Fire. Thankfully I never intended to do any Mewtwo raids because I'm not sure fire would have gotten me anywhere with that lol.

I have yet to ever change a Tera type in SV, oddly enough.
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