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What time zone are you in?


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Jun 1, 2023
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My time zone is Central Time, or CT for short. My time zone is also known as Central Standard Time (CST) and Central Daylight Time (CST), and it confuses the shit out of me because of the whole "daylight savings time" thing, so I'd much rather use GMT-5/GMT-6 than CST/CDT because it's less confusing for me.
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GMT+2 here! UTC+3 now with DST
GMT+8, 12 hours ahead of EDT currently. Not sure I'll be in this timezone in a few years though, since we may move but will see!
Where I live uses Eastern Standard Time, or “EST” (that’s UTC−5:00 normally and UTC−4:00 during daylight savings time that we’re observing now).
Australian Eastern Standard Time (UTC+10), but in the summer months, it is Australian Eastern Daylight Savigns Time (UTC+11). But for me, it is currently the former as I am currently in winter.
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