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What to do when a Holiday is over?

Mar 26, 2011
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This is just something that randomly occurred to me today, and yet, has been wrangling me for quite time now; what do you do after a long anticipated holiday has come and gone? What does one do after the New Year has been sufficiently rung in? What is one expected to do after Valentine's Day and Saint Patrick's Day are over? What's left to be done after the Easter Eggs have all been found, after the Fireworks display is, at last, over, after the Trick or Treating is finally done? I mean, i'm well aware of what is usually set to happen after Thanksgiving finally done for, but, what about when the Christmas/Holiday Season is finally finished?

It just seems to me that after long anticipating the arrival of these very special days and others that i failed to mention already, there is usual a sense of emptiness that tends to follow afterwards and i can't be the only one who feels that way too
The Sobbley Trainer
Nov 17, 2015
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I do understand what you feel yeah, after a holiday I usually have this feeling of "I could've accomplished so much more this holiday". (Even though realistically speaking I probably did a lot.)

For me life does just continue after the holiday, as I still go to college it's a nice little breather in between. Personally I have too much on my plate at any given time to have a completely empty feeling though, but I get what you mean, even though it's hard to explain haha ^^;
Sep 16, 2013
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Oh, I get this feeling a lot. Looking forward to future holidays usually helps. Everything has to end at some point, but it also gives us new opportunities. I think we'd get tired of something going on forever, either way.

Remember the good times, look back at it and talk about it. Take some pictures. I've found that even when I feel empty after a Holiday, I usually get really fond memories from them, and those are nice to look back at later. It's what makes me look forward to those days again :D
Fluffy with 80% more spots!
Sep 26, 2011
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I celebrate some holidays, usually ones that require big get-togethers with other family like Independence Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. This past Tuesday we gave out candy to the neighborhood kids. I never really think too much about holidays after they end with the exception of Christmas, because it's a sign that the year is going to come to an end soon and a new beginning awaits. Good years leave a bittersweet feeling, terrible years have me praying for the year to end already.

When another holiday does end, I normally just think what am I going to do for next year. This year's Halloween left the house with a bunch of leftover candy and all I am thinking is betting to myself that the Twizzlers are going to be the last candy in the bowl, because everyone in my household hates that stuff yet it came with the variety pack of candy I purchased. Holidays come and go. Life goes on. I continue to work and look forward to the next holiday on the calendar.