What unused niches for new pokemon can we get in gen 8? What can be created?

Jun 26, 2015
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- what new type combos, new abilities, new moves

- new pokemon with old type combos matched with old abilities

- one interesting niche would be making counters against "trapers", traping moves and abilities; where a pokemon lets say could hurt its oponent every turn if it gets trapped by it. Or maybe even half their hp when it happens. This would make Arena Trap and other abilities then not so OP.

- similar immunity abilities to Bulletproof, soundproof:
(Admiral, Lord, General, King)
::: immunity to cut, slash based ,blades, sabers, swords,scissors, cross, hammers, weapons?:::
(I imagine a fairy/ground or psychic/ground Hog/boar king like pokemon; fairy would be perfect)

::: immunity to pulse and energy based moves?:::
(something with frequency, electric, psychic, bug????)

::: immunity to magic, cursed, hex, sacred, wish, mystical moves?
fairy, ghost, dak, psychic, normal?

- new type immunity abilities: against fairy? ghost? dark? flying? steel?
(similar to water absorb, sap sipper, flash fire, motor drive)

- similar abilities to gale wings:
priority "head" moves?
priority "rolling" moves?
priority punching moves?
priority sound moves?
priority magic moves?
priority "blade,slash,sword" moves?

- if we would get a ice type version of moves:

like ice type Beak Blast with freezing effect,

ice type First Impresion(special version)

and ice type version of will-o-wisp but as a sound move(many pokemon would be immune-soundproof+ice types+magma armor+moves to free from freeze) then some new niches would apper.

Instant switching:

- force switchers, pokemon that by contact could force the oponent to switch out, reversed extreme exit for a oponent.

- pokemon that when they enter battle could switch out oponent thats on the field: like a ghost or a dark creatre that frightens the oponent out of battle, or a fairy or psychic by magical trick.
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Princess of Love
Aug 20, 2016
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Something like a Terrain breaker (ability) is one thing I'd like to see happen.. They have cloud nine negating Weather and with how potent the Tapus and their terrains are now I'd honestly like to see a more effective way to negate Terrain aside from Lycanroc's Z move.. Priority is probably the most nerfed change from G6 to G7 with psychic terrain being introduced and I'd like to see a balance for this..
A permanent item (not an air balloon) that can negate the terrain changes for the held Pokémon in both ways could also work Imo..
Jun 26, 2015
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entry hazards

nice: would it burn them out or freeze them?

what would hapen if they buff lets say "Magician"? or maybe create a "Sorcerer" ability?

- making it steal entry hazard, barriers(light screen, reflect, the new ice aurora move ) and moves that work more turns(fire spin, whirlpool) and
use them against the oponent? Imagine you send in a ability user against stealthrock (lets say Delphox) and it doesnt take stealthrock damage, instead the stealthrocks are yours and the oponent needs to wory.
Something like a better Magic Bounce.

one way would be to negate all entry hazards, but using them against the oponent woud be also good way.
Also a entry hazard eating pokemon comes in mind, something that maybe could gain hp or rise stats(when at full hp) when coming in contact with them?

Something like a Terrain breaker
Yes, I hoped for this in this gen, good that atleast they gave us that Z-move.

Speedy Bug/Ice-type special attacker. Make it happen.
Knowing the Creators and what we got from Ice types last time, lets hope that gen 8 will get redemption in some sort.
If not speed wise then hopefully move and ability wise.

What about a pokemon with ability to send sound moves back to the oponent?
But not like Dancer that copies(sound copy would be Singer), but only sending them back?
without taking the damage? or with it?
could see rock/psychic or rock/ghost or a other typing maybe behind this one.
Imagine sending a Perish Song back to the sender.

we have many healing moves, a healing blocking move, draining moves and some abilities related to them but is it enough or could they go more with it?
many moves use "turn" counts or a turn based, always wanted some pokemon that could manipulate time , have moves and abilities that would relate to that. This way serebii and old ones could also get some love. Imagine to be immune to moves that last more turns or to speed up them into one turn, that weather damage could be count after 1 turn like 5 would pass and the full damage would be dealt in one turn or make rivals pokemon moves that take time also need a turn longer to activate(time freeze)
More fab than Sylveon.
Dec 1, 2012
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I’d love to see a fast Fire/Rock type with Levitate or Water Absorb. Magcargo is too marred by low speed to be a huge threat but something fast could be scary, especially with an immunity to one of it’s x4 weaknesses.
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Sep 8, 2016
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new type combos: I'd like to see bug/ice, bug/dragon, electric/dark, and electric/fighting

new abilities: more -ate abilities, and more move boosting abilities like Iron Fist/Strong Jaw

new moves: a more widely available physical fairy move than play rough, more decent physical fire, flying, ice and electric type moves (like 70-90 base damage) for fire users without fists and flying users without drilling beaks, etc. etc., I would like a commonly available version of Freeze Shock/Ice Burn

new Pokemon with old type combos matched with old abilities: definitely want another rock/fire Pokemon with rock head, also special grass/steel with a version of heatproof or storm drain, dragon/fairy with Fluffy!!!, dragon/electric, dragon/steel with stamina, fire/steel with sheer force, Fire/Electric and Electric/Ice combo with strong jaw or iron fist

And just for the heck of it I would like a stronger/legendary equivalent of Smeargle. Like a technician/moody/own tempo Pokemon that can use almost all Pokemon moves with at least Phione's BST distribution... That would be equally amazing and terrifying.
Jun 26, 2015
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what would you say to this?

pokemon based chinese crane.storch with a straw hat , similar round like Turtonator


ability: gale wings (more birds and other flying users need it too)

speed about 50 to not make it steal Hawluchas role.

would learn Beak blast

def. sp. def and hp very high, medium attack and sp. attack

hp: 110
attack 75
def 90
sp.attack 75
sp.def: 90
speed: 50

signature move: Straw Saw-90- grass-physical- 3+ priority the first round in battle.
( a flying disc of yellow energy that cuts the opoent)

I know its similar to kung fu panda, but what the hell, we got a panda.

Some pokemon have the roll of finishing the battles of the previous pokemon and taking down the weakened oponent.

- I also can't wait to see what other pokes will get Dazzling, Queenly majesty and terrain casting next gen.
and if they buff them by making them also immune/block/ignore the "turn after" the opoent gets speed stats rise or priority through moves "trick room", flame charge or a speed rise through ability.(especially Dazzling would need it taking that moves like omnius wind, silver wind, flame charge rise the speed stats a turn after and the priority can change) . One turn after priority changes also should be counted.
- Maybe a next step would be a similar ability that uses " attack and sp. attack boost" could happen. You know be immune/block or ignore moves from oponents pokemon that get attack and sp. attack boosted through their respective ability (the starters abilities: Blaze, Swarm, Torrent, Overgrow, Sheer Force)
and also the "turn after"(for one turn only ignoring/blocking) oponents get "boosted"/rise stats by a move
(stats rising moves for attack and sp. attack)?
and maybe a item???
there are 45 sp. attack and attakck moves and that boost the stats after or during a move and something like 20 abilities.... this would be a perfect niche for a pokemon.

Imagine a pokemon that could block/ignore/be immune to a "Sheer Force" or even "Pure Power" pokemon when they use moves "boosted" by their abilities against the user of this ability?
Like Medicham using a physical attack on the user of this ability and it would be protected from it.

this kind of ability would be perfect for a weak type combo that really needs it.

List of abilities that moves get attack/sp.attack boost
that the New Pokemons with new Ability would be immune(blocked) to if they are activated and use a boosted move against this pokemon:

thats something like 40-80 pokemon that use abilities that boost power of some moves at some occasions, but only one or two that all...

some pokemon with low stats and weak dualtyping like
dragon/psychic ; rock/fighting ; steel/normal ; ice/steel ; dragon/bug; could use something like this as a worthy protection and get a good niche in blocking some of those pokemon in situations that activate their abilities.

This could be based on armor or body ability with a good name... also it could be a strong energy field
but a body that is immune to powered up moves by abilities as a defensive mechanism could be good.
- also a pokemon that could be immune to moves with effects or maybe change their % of probability(switch it to the oposite) or make oponents that want to induce a condition get their status condition changed instead of the user of such a new ability would be great
(for a not legendary , regular medium big dragon/psychic pokemon ???)
a bug/dark with ability to have priority draning moves and heal 100% from them?

a darker and more sinister version of the Serene Grace ability for ghost, dark , bug and other pokemon?
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