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What user comes to mind for the above human character?

CuboneKing, as he is a Lucario fan.

Delia Ketchum?
you. by virtue of being the team skull person

chida... she's the one who reminds me the most of sabrina, the actress who plays bellelba

c la fet, I'm pretty sure she's mentioned Erika being one of her favorite Gym Leaders

for some reason, the name eternalpokemonfangirl immediately poped into my head.

As one of vanishingly few high-profile anime characters to own a Pinsir, myself lol

JollyYoshi, for some reason? I'm pretty sure they have about zero things in common, but he was the first person to jump to mind lol.

Since I can't seem to think of anyone else besides me, I'd have to say... well, me :p

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