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What user comes to mind for the above human character?

RC as well, because of the current Latias/Heroes theme they have.

Bianca (from BW/B2W2)?
Alola, for username reasons obviously, but they both share the trait of being quite friendly and helpful as well.

TheGoldenDuck, he has used Bug type Pokémon avatars a lot of times, most recently Accelgor, coincidentally a Pokémon from Unova. He also shares Burgh's friendly and calm personality :giggle:.

Officer Jenny
Frozen Fennec; mostly by virtue of the Ice-type affiliation and being of a relative 'high-status/rank'. (i.e. being a Moderator/Elite Four)

ME, because Ein is indeed something of a Maniacal Engineer himself. (Or Blanc, just due to being the first Colosseum fan that comes to mind.)

TheGoldenDuck. They're the first that comes to mind for association with water.

EternalPokéFanGirl. We don't know much about Mela yet so I could be wrong, but to me she almost seems like a character EPFG might like. :unsure:

helperman. It's been a while since I've seen him but he's definitely the guy that comes to mind for anything Ditto related.

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