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What user comes to mind for the above Pokémon?

also Hydrogenium, because their avatar was Crystal from HS15 at one point lol

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Blanc, because of a story she told me involving a Solrock once...

Chidamari cuz of his disdainfor the Pikachu line and his liking for morbid things, I don't remember his opinion on Mimikyu tho

Speak of the devil and he shall appear

Hmmmmm Luvdisc is a tough one, maybe Blanc due to the enthusiasm she puts into her friendships

Let’s do a new one, Armarouge
Hmmm... GoldenDuck. Or maybe... you? :unsure: Something about Armarouge's tough, heroic look and demeanor could bring either to mind, at least to me and from what I know.

How about Ceruledge?
Hawthorn — between the calm face, the color scheme, and the butterfly motif it just seems like something he might like

Torchic W. Pip, local Quaxly representative

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