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What Video Game Would You Like To See Get a Remake?

Redlily Sorceress
Sep 21, 2013
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I also would love to see a Xenosaga remake, where the series would be completed in its full, intended glory rather than being cut tragically short. The gameplay of all three games would be made consistent with each other, rather than the jarring change that happens in each installment. [Particularly Xenosaga II... urgh.] I'd like to see the gameplay in general be more fleshed out, with larger, more explorable areas, as the game focused more heavily on story and cutscenes. It could still keep that focus [because that's the entire reason I adore this series], but I'd love a better balance between the two. What I mean is that I want the gameplay to be just as phenomenal as the story was.

It wouldn't have to be revolutionary. I wouldn't want to, say, change the turn-based system to action because of this perception that turn-based is outdated. [After all, I don't want them to lose the spirit of the game's genre like the FF7 remake did.] And I certainly wouldn't want yet another open world game with big, boring empty spaces. Just an enhancement of the concept, something that would make this incomplete series feel more along the lines of a PS1 Final Fantasy - expansive and complete, but not overwhelmingly huge.

And Xenogears! Oh my God, Xenogears also deserves so much better. I love this game arguably more than Xenosaga. I'd just want them to restore the plans they had for disc 2 and actually finish it, because it was even more rushed and cut down. Their initial concept of five episodes would be far too ambitious to do, in my opinion, but I think I'd like to see a Xenogears remake split into two games, because they have a lot of cut content that I don't think would even fit in one game should they try to restore it.

Of course, I don't trust the modern gaming landscape to do them justice. It's also ridiculously unlikely because of all the legalities of Namco owning Xenosaga and Square Enix owning Xenogears. [And neither company seems too interested in these ancient games, sadly.] So I'd be willing to just settle with an HD re-release for both series. Xenogears and Xenosaga being released on the Switch would be amazing.
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New Member
Jul 17, 2020
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dimension pearl,timeless diamond and void platinum
Praise Euterpe
Sep 23, 2013
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Harvest Moon- A Wonderful Life/ Another Wonderful Life or Magical Melody. Those were a few of my first games in the series (besides FoMT) and my other favourites. I want to visit Forget-Me-Not Valley again.
A Wonderful Life and Another Wonderful Life are the only Harvest Moon games I've ever played, and I really liked them. Sadly, I never got to purchase either of them. I would love to see a rerelease at least.