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What video games are you playing now?


Mar 3, 2005
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What games are you currently playing?

At the moment, for me it's Final Fantasy IX - I just finished OoT about a week ago.

This game is awesome - I'm near the end of the first disc(in Gizmaluke's Grotto). The humor is spot-on, the battle system is perfect, the challenge is good, and the plot is starting to get interesting.
I'm always playing several games at once. Currently, I'm working my way through

  • Gitaroo-Man - PS2 (I've been stuck on Level 10 for the past two weeks or so)
  • Jump Superstars - Nintendo DS
  • Final Fantasy I & II - Game Boy Advance (currently playing through FF1)
  • Metroid Prime 2 - GameCube
  • Minna Daisuki Katamari Damashii - PS2
I'm only playing two games now:

Guild Wars
Advance Wars: Dual Strike

Next week I'll start playing XD.
Spiderman 2, Tales of Symphonia, and Sonic Adventure 2: Battle - all of which I managed to get for a combined price of 40 bucks. : D
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Tales of Symphonia = instant win.

Let's see, I also have a bunch of games in my backlog to finish...

Metal Gear Solid
Metroid Prime 2
Final Fantasy VIII
Prince of Persia: Sands of Time
Final Fantasy II (I may say screw it to this game, I can't stand the battle system.)

And a couple of SNES games on emulator...
Oh, FFIX. <3 That game will always have a special place in my heart as the only "normal" (i.e: non-Tactics) FF game I really liked~ *_*;

Currently, I've been flip-flopping between FFTA, Stella Deus, and Katamari Damacy, as the mood takes me. More FFTA and KD than Stella, though; Stella's a really pretty game, but the voices and (occasionally) the music get horridly grating at times.

I was playing Makai Kingdom and Star Ocean 3, but I've gotten into a bit of a levelling-rut with them - I haven't touched the plots in those games in forever, since I've been levelling up almost exclusively. And MK doesn't even have much of a plot to begin with...
I want to buy Ultimate Spider-Man and Battalion Wars, but I need $$.

Until then I decided to replay Tales of Symphonia.

I play Pokemon Emerald on my lunchbreaks at work. I can't seem to play it on my own cause I feel sleepy playing it when I'm at home and when I'm on the bus/subways, I'm paranoid some guy will snatch the GBA out of my hands or do something horrible to me while I'm not looking.
I play Animal Crossing almost every day; I've recently started playing Pokemon Fire Red again, as well.
Pokemon XD
Zelda: The Wind Waker
& SSX3

I'm really addicted to all of these games...they're all so freakin awesome. :D
Well I'm not really playing anything because I dont know how to hook up my Nintendo 64 to the TV. I mean I could hear the sound perfectly but the picture was still white clouds.
But if it was hooked up, I'd be switching between Diddy Kong Racing, Pokemon Stadium 2 and the Zelda games. Yes, I'm a classic 64 gamer.
lol wierd eh, i still play good old snes games =P currently am plaing super mario all stars (qus that gamer is like sooo classic =P )
Tales of Symphonia = instant win.

Ugh. I tried to level up in advance of upcoming challenges and accidentally activated a change in the plot that ups the difficulty and juggles the order of the plot around. How eeevil of those designers.
Dogasu: How's Jump superstars working out for ya?

I'm currently playing Fire Emblem for the GBA, i'm stuck on one level because I refuse to let anyone in my party die :p

Original Zelda on the GBA is being played with occasionally, it's bloody frustrating though.

I'm dying to play World of Warcraft.
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ロキさま said:
Did you go to Hima before Palmacosta?
Oh yeah, doing that sucks majorly >.>
Only playing Metroid Fusion ATM (Found it in a bargain bin, so figured I should finally get a copy). Don't have a DS yet, but the DS of my dreams (ie. a PokéPark special edition) will be coming my way soon, so I'll need to get something to play on that soon also.
Kinglerlord2 said:
Dogasu: How's Jump superstars working out for ya?

Eh, it's OK, but it's not as great as I thought it'd be. You can't just pick up the game, pick your character, pick a CPU opponent, and beat the crap out of them -- you have to earn most of the characters through the Adventure mode. By going through each level, all of which have different requirements (the player with the most KO's wins; the player who destroys the most barrels in 60 seconds wins; avoid getting hit by an attack and you win; etc.) you earn cards that you then put into a deck with which you call on your new characters. The game is unecessarily complicated, and it's not the kind of game that's easy to hand to friends and invite to play.
Playing an Age of Empires 3 demo.. It's ok and a bit buggy and graphics sub par, but its only the demo so I sure hope the full version is better.
I guess I should add Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness (GameCube) and Lunar: Dragon Song (Nintendo DS) to my list. I'm about 10 hours into Pokemon, and about one hour into Lunar.
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