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What video games are you playing now?

The Sims 4 (PS4)
It's wild; I used to not enjoy this game at all (I vastly preferred TS2 and TS3), but since getting City Living and the Vampire pack, I'm honestly having a lot of fun in The Sims 4! I don't know if it just took something finally "clicking" for me or if its the extra content from those packs making things more interesting, but I'm glad that I'm actually having fun in 4 now (since I still can't play TS2 or TS3 again on my laptop for various reasons).

The current household I'm playing is in the tiny two-story in the Vampire pack's neighborhood (Forgotten Hollow? I can never remember the name and my mind always drifts to Moonlight Falls from the Supernatural pack in TS3) and slowly trying to earn back money after a disasterous day when a fire destroyed a bunch of stuff. Which was the same day a Master Vampire busted in the house and caused problems too. BUT things have been pretty stable now; one Sim is in the part-time barista path and is a Latte Artist currently, while the other is in the culinary path as a Mixologist right now.

actually, I wonder if the reason TS4 is finally clicking for me is that this is my first household with a pseudo-stand in for myself I've done in this game... I tend to get more involved in those saves lmao
Stardew Valley. Alternate file- I just built a coop. My chickens are so cute. Trying to decide if I want marry Leah or Maru.
Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate. We ground out the last remaining 10* village (Soaritorium) quests, which unlocked a set of FOUR urgent quests: Ukanlos, Akantor, Nakarkos, and Amatsu. Clearing those unlocked another Urgent quest, Alatreon. And clearing THAT unlocked an entire slew of 10-star quests including the 'usual' elder dragons (Teostra, Kushala, etc.) pl;us a variety of what will no doubt be extremely difficult multi-monster Arena quests, including one that pits you against Hyper versions of the Fated Four (Glavenus, Mizutsune, Astalos, Gammoth) THEN Valstrax.

Village quests are scaled for solo play, and only high-rank (whereas I have G-rank gear), but man, these lineups are doozies.
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Digimon World Next Order: Recruited quite a number of Digimon during the last couple generations, as well as making quite a bit of good progress in the Toilet Army storyline. I’m pretty sure I’m at the final segment confronting KingSukamon. City prosperity’s at 181, so I’m pretty sure the next storyline should begin pretty quickly after I wrap this one up. Current partners are Boltmon and Gallantmon. I’m guessing our EXE is going to be Gallantmon Crimson Mode, but I’m not sure because we haven’t actually made it yet because DG Dimension V3 is the worst attack in existence and I hate it when either side uses it.
Just started the Dragon Quest Demo. This will be my first Dragon Quest. Liking the game so far, just escaped with Erik. My only complaints are that it looks kind of dull for a Switch game while I don't like also have to using the arrows to move the menu down, I use the D-pad usually. Voice Acting is alright, but FE 3 Houses really set a bar for good voice acting.
Just finished my Breath of the Wild 100% run (phew...), so I'm back on with Astral Chain and checking out the DQ11S demo. Fun stuff.
Neko Navy: Daydream Edition (Switch). Haven't played a shmup in a while, and playing as flying kitties definitely appealed to me. Been playing on hard mode mostly, sometime soon I'll try death mode though. The secret mid-boss on Day 6 actually gave a bit of a challenge, and it's bullet patterns also kind of remind me of Touhou's bullet patterns a bit, not sure if it's a nod to that series or not but it was neat anyway.

Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem replay (DS). Playing as male Kris, kept the default look and name though and kept his occupation as mercenary this time, currently doing Classic + Maniac Mode. I could've gone with the knight occupation to beat the prologue faster/easier, but I almost never choose it (except once), usually it's just mercenary or cavalier (for female Kris it's mostly pegasus knight and mage). Anyway completed the prologue and will do some more chapters later tonight or tomorrow night, gotta figure out who I'm gonna reclass for later on though.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses (Switch). Put this game on hold for a bit but getting back to it, I'm actually doing another Blue Lions run right now (even though I still haven't completed BE's route or started the Church route yet) to try out something different. Thinking for this run I might romance either Felix, Ashe, or Sylvain (since the last BL run I romanced Dimitri).
Digimon World Next Order: Recruited literally everyone besides the Gods of Ruin and Darkdramon (because fuck Darkdramon, your questline sucks. Gonna have to at least do it eventually, though). I'm also super torn because I think I'm approaching the point where EXE is starting to become slightly impractical? I've been taking my Digimon to the restaurant a lot this generation, so their stats are considerably higher than they otherwise would be, and, when we EXE'd against Imperialdramon, the resulting Digimon literally had 99999 HP and MP. I couldn't see the other stats, but I'd assume they're about the same. My base partners are only around 70K HP/MP and 7K everything else, so it's still an increase of 3K over either of them alone. But, like, 9 times out of 10 you want 2 strong-ass Digimon more than you want 1 slightly stronger-ass Digimon, but EXE is so fucking cool. I guess it kinda helps in that you've only got 1 Digimon to keep healthy, but you also sacrifice the attacking power of 2 Digimon, so I'm honestly not sure how it works out in the end?
Old School Runescape as usual, really looking for something else to play though, i'm burned out on so many games at the moment.
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain has taken over my life. There’s not nearly as much story as you usually get in one of these games, but I’ve already logged more hours into it than any other game in the series I played for the first game. This is probably the best-playing game in the series, it’s just so fun to scout out an outpost and execute my plan... or adapt on the fly if I mess something up. I’m thinking I’m probably halfway through the game because spoilers:

I just unlocked the South Africa area of operations. There’s still a bunch of side ops to clean up in Afghanistan, so I’m a little intimidated by the idea of getting used to a whole other open world. There’s still so much I want to develop, and Quiet isn’t out of the brig yet. Man, when I put this game down I’m already thinking of what I’m gonna do next time.

I will never truly be done with the game until I find the cassette of “Love Will Tear Us Apart” by Joy Division. That’s my mission.
Story of Seasons- Trio of Towns. Boy file- attending the Starlight Gala with Lisette was fun.
Astral Chain: In chapter 4. Pretty good so far, lotta fun stuff you can do with your Legions. Dodging seems a bit janky though, doesn't really seem to register sometimes? Some enemies are considerably worse about that than others though. The Arm Legion fight though. Just fucking terrible. No room, goop all over the floor that you'd be stuck in for like 10 seconds as it punched you in the face unable to dodge. Just a terrible fight.

Terraria: Beat Plantera, got the worst drop possible in the Grenade Launcher, gonna need to come back for better drops eventually. I headed straight for the Hardmode dungeon because that place is a caster's dream, and actually got quite a lot of the loot very quickly. All 4 spells, the armour polish so now I have an Ankh Shield, many Keybrands, black belts, and rifle scopes, both the sniper rifle and tactical shotgun, a wisp in a bottle, and more ectoplasm than I need right now (though I'm waiting on enough chlorophyte for the armour). So yeah, really the only things I still need are a tabi and both paladin drops. Kind of remarkable how good my luck was, there.
Been playing a lot of (probably too much :p) Splatoon 2. Could use some friends there, so feel free to add me if you guys still play it!
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