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What video games are you playing now?

Monster Hunter World: Killed enough Diablos to make a full set of the armour, but because it so inconsiderately refused to be there all the time for me to kill/capture, I had to buy time by doing the Zorah Magdaros siege and a couple of things in the Coral Highlands. I haven’t done any of the actual assigned quests there, but I’ve explored a bit and killed a few Tzitzi-Ya-Ku, as well as making friends with the local kitties, as is first priority. I’m also trying to capture one of every monster to unlock their arena quests as well. I don’t really need to do it, but I want to. It is really hard to capture the weaker monsters though. Kulu-Ya-Ku in particular. I’d either go too hard and accidentally kill it before I tried to capture it, or not go hard enough and it wouldn’t pass out when I tried to tranq it.
Correction, the Africa part of Metal Gear Solid V does not take place in South Africa, there are just a lot of South Africans there for one reason or another.

So I did some missions, including the one with the male Skulls, which gave me a good shock since it was my first time seeing the Skulls in Africa; and the mission where you rescue the child soldiers, which I’ve heard horror stories about, but somehow the kids got out unscathed and I got an S-tank on the mission! I guess doing the mission with no kills and no retries goes a long way, and Quiet saved my ass multiple times once I had the kids following me.

I also maxed out my Bond with Quiet and got stinky. If you know, you know. ;) I also also painted her gold because I can’t believe something that stupid is in this game.
Monster Hunter World: Captured one of every monster so far, and explored the full Coral Highlands. Also killed/captured a Legiana a few times. Probably only need to make one or two more kills for that last frost sac to finish up the armour. Yes, strictly in terms of defence and skills Legiana armour is worse than Rathalos and Diablos armours, but it gives good ice resistance so I figure it'd be worth it to have on hand.
So a few days ago I set up an online room int MH4U and took down Gogmazios with one random hunter -- 30 minutes instead of needing the full 50. I've unlocked G-special quests, and did enough grinds to unlock the first "Aged Text" which is a Molten Tigrex (but G-rank!) -- and while I've been able to do the subquest fairly easy, boy does he hit a lot harder than the highrank versions. In the meantime, the first Battlequarters elder dragon quest has arrived (urgent quest: Teostra) and there's no doubt he's going to be a bit meaner than his ordinary G3 quest version.
Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem (DS) replay. Finished all the prologue chapters and finally got Marth, will be completing ch.1 and will be gaining a few other units as well (though I'm mostly happy to be getting Arran out of the four units gained tbh). I'll certainly try and play more tomorrow as well, but Three Houses is currently getting most of my attention again.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Black Eagles run and Blue Lions replay. Well, I'm mostly doing the BL route again but maybe a little later I'll get further along in BE, especially since I'm at the mission where we need to find Flayn. But for my second BL run I've decided to go with Dimitri as a dancer, his charm stat is pretty damn high so I don't have to worry about losing The White Heron Cup with him when I get to it. Anyway I recruited Ferdinand and Linhardt (of course) into the BL again, will be getting Petra pretty soon then I'll be done with recruiting, I opted not to use New Game+ for it though and I'm not bothering to recruit every single character this second BL run as well. Exception being the Black Eagles and later the Church run though, of course.
I played a little Mario Kart Wii with my younger brothers for the first time in a long while. I got to use Dry Bowser on my oldest younger brother's account in which he unlocked a bunch of stuff. I chose the Offroader partially for nostalgia reasons and only ended up getting 2nd place overall, but it was a real fun time!
It’s Spooktober, which means it’s time for me to play some spooky games. I just got to the first time you see the Alien in Alien: Isolation and snuck past some Working Joes. Loving the game’s atmosphere so far cuz it’s definitely made for fans of the first Alien movie rather than Aliens, which is me.
L.A. Noire (PS3)
Only a few cases left to go! I've just got to finish up the shoot-out in "A Polite Invitation," then do two more cases total. If I finish them all today, I'll go back to the two cases I botched up getting 5-stars on early on (curse you, vehicle damage... but now that I got the trophy for driving 194.7 miles, I can just let the partner auto drive me safely). Then... the arduous task of getting those Golden Reels and remaining vehicles in Free Roam. And the last few street crimes I'm missing, but those are no issue.
Gardening Mama. I'm currently growing some roses.
Still playing those Mario Kart games. I just realized something: it was in Mario Kart DS where the Blue Shell started being annoying :annoyedVoltorb: . Seriously, while the Blue Shell was present in earlier Mario Karts, it was in this game when the CPU started spamming those.
For a good while I have been playing the Switch port of Dragon Quest II, along with the port of Dragon Quest XI.

Just now beaten DQ II today. It was fairly good for an early title. I'm thinking of actually going back to some other games I had put down. Most notably Final Fantasy IX. I need to beat that one already.
In the midst of replaying PMD Explorers of Sky because of the 10th anniversary of the game's North American release having been last week. This time I've been going for stuff I've never done before (like getting all the legendaries, completing stuff like the Zero Isles and Destiny Tower, and getting Guildmaster rank). I'm now pretty deep into the postgame, and ~60k away from Guildmaster rank. Once I'm done with this I'm moving on to either Final Fantasy X, Okami, or replaying Etrian Odyssey V again with a different party comp from the first time I played through it.
Final Fantasy IX (Switch) - At last, after playing this since it came out in February, I've finally beaten this game.

And I loved it. IX is not a perfect game, but it is easily one of my top favorites. With the exception of some of the mini-games (particularly the forced ones), I loved just about every moment of it. But most especially the cast. This motley crew of adventurers were full of so much character and life that it is really hard not to love them. I especially enjoyed the moments where, even in the darkest moments, the game still had comedic moments to lighten the load and bring a smile to my face. Something that I've really needed thorough this year.

The ending seemed kind of off, like they were rushing to wrap it all up on a positive note. But otherwise I liked it. I can feel good now about finishing it.
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