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What video games are you playing now?

Been playing some Pokemon Moon lately, working on training up some of my Pokemon before heading to the Elite 4. Also been playing Fire Emblem Heroes, Pokemon Go and Pokemon Shuffle.
Not much to report from my MH plays ... in MHGU we finally finished the Teostra X armor set, but its skills are nothing like the MH4U version. In MHGU it literally has a skill called "Anti-Chameleos" which makes you immune to poison (Chameleos, Grypceros, Rathian, Nerscylla, etc.), item theft (Chameleos, Gypceros), and auto-tracks monsters on the map (always useful), so it's not too bad. I do however need to finish collecting parts for Tigrex X and Zinogre GX (I'm currently using substitute parts with "Torso Up" to fill in what I'm missing).

As for MH4U, got the most awesome relic Charge blade after one of my Guild Quests. A rare 8 "Deceadeus" (Ceadeus charge blade, Ceadeus being a monster exclusive to MH3U which didn't even have Charge Blade as a weapon type) with decent blue sharpness and moderate (active) Thunder element. Color's not too bad, either (relic weapons can be color tinted, but I think this is the default color). It was one of the rewards for taking down a Lv.116 Shagaru Magala (a fight in which everything went right already).

PS: Got a second one after another bout with the same Shagaru. Rare 7, no secondary element (but the raw attack power is better) and same color.

Looking to start up Game Freak's little title "Little Town Hero" this week.
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Still with Mario Kart here. I discovered that Mario Kart DS's team mode might as well be called "With Friends Like These...: The Mode" because there's no friendly fire in the game. Hell, most of the Blue Shells that hitted me in that mode were by my own team mates. Thanks a lot, guys! No wonder it got fixed for Mario Kart Wii onwards.

Also, I started playing Fire Emblem Awakening and Fire Emblem Gaiden, too. Is it bad that I'm playing those two because I can grind, leaving me less stressed out than with the other games?
Also, I started playing Fire Emblem Awakening and Fire Emblem Gaiden, too. Is it bad that I'm playing those two because I can grind, leaving me less stressed out than with the other games?
Which Gaiden, original or Echoes? Also Sacred Stones, Birthright, Revelation, and Three Houses has grinding too if you want other options in the series, and there's always Arenas for other installments too and abuse it whenever. Awakening (and Fates) is stupid easy though without grinding, so you shouldn't have any problems regardless. also you should play GotHW, Thracia 776, and the Tellius duology sometime, they are my favorites along with SS
Which Gaiden, original or Echoes?
Original, since that was a leftover from my original plan of playing through the Fire Emblem games in order, without counting Shadow Dragon and Mystery of the Emblem since at the time those were the only ones that had a remake at the time I tried that (Fates and co. didn't exist back then). I'll try to give the others a try, too, if I finish Gaiden, Awakening or my Mario Kart marathon (whichever happens first).
Still playing my Mario Kart marathon. I just realized that all the Mario Kart 64 tracks in Mario Kart 7 are from the Mushroom Cup. I wonder why they didn't pick more interesting tracks from that game, like Wario Stadium.

Might play Fire Emblem Awakening later.
Okay, so far I'm about to do Chapter 4 of Awakening: Recruiting Donnel from Paralogue 1 was a pain, since I had to babysit him to get him to level up. The grinding has been mostly concentrated on making everyone above level 5, which was... easier than I thought. I think I'm getting the hang of this.

Robin, Lv7 Tactician
Chrom, Lv9 Lord
Lissa, Lv10 Cleric
Frederick, Lv5 Great Knight
Sully, Lv7 Cavalier
Virion, Lv6 Archer
Stahl, Lv6 Cavalier
Vaike, Lv7 Fighter
Miriel, Lv7 Mage
Sumia, Lv6 Pegasus Knight
Kellam, Lv6 Knight
Donnel, Lv6 Villager

Robin and Lissa C
Robin and Vaike C
Chrom and Frederick C
Chrom and Sully C
Frederick and Virion C
Frederick and Miriel C
Stahl and Sully C
Vaike and Lissa C
Kellam and Sully C

Since I do know about the whole marriage thing, I'll accept tips on who I should pair people.
Since I do know about the whole marriage thing, I'll accept tips on who I should pair people.
Which mode you playing? For a first time playthrough on an easier mode you don't have to have any optimal pairings due to how easy it is to beat, especially since you can just use both Chrom and Robin to beat the whole game (and if you want to be even more OP about it then just make a Fem!Robin and pair her off with Chrom, and both Morgan and Lucina can easily benefit from it if you also want to use their kids as well). So you can always just pair whoever you think goes best personality wise or if you think they're just cute together, the game is still easy regardless. Even on Lunatic it's possible to beat with Chrom and Robin both, or even just Robin since they're pretty good regardless, but if you want to use more units on Lunatic like the children characters then a bit more planning is needed.

Anyway, if you want suggestions then:
Chrom x Sumia - it's a good pairing for Lucina's speed, and Cynthia gets Aether, Bowbreaker, and Pavise so she'd be great against Archers. Lucina gets Galeforce (since it's easier to get on Sumia before Lucina's recruitment), Aegis, Lancefaire, and Tomefaire *making her great for Dual Guard+ partner.

Donnel x Sully - Kjelle gets the Pegasus Knight and Mercenary lines from Donnel, and she'll already get Myrmidon and Cavalier from Sully so Kjelle will be great come endgame. Especially with Aegis, Armsthrift, Galeforce, Sol, Luna, Vantage, Lancefaire, Swordfaire, Lancebreaker, and Swordbreaker skill choices she'd be a beast.

Gregor x Miriel - Gregor gives Laurent Vantage which will help him, though you could also always go for Stahl as his father too and he'll get it, but Stahl is better for Severa. Anyway, Gregor passes down the Mercenary and Myrmidon lines which Laurent will also get Sol, Bowbreaker, Axebreaker, and Armsthrift.

Stahl x Cordelia - similar with the above, Gregor can actually be a good choice for Severa, as both Stahl and Gregor are great physical units. But Severa gets the Cavalier line from him, which can lead to her getting the best skill choices since she also gets Vantage.

Lon'qu x Maribelle - actually, like Inigo, Brady is hard to screw up so what he'd mostly need is a father that gives him a bit more speed. Lon'qu can give him Vantage and Lance/Swordbreaker which helps Brady in dodging, so Lon'qu is a great choice for Maribelle.

Libra x Olivia - Inigo is already a great child unit so it's hard to screw him over like I mentioned above, so he's gonna be strong regardless. Libra passes on Vengeance so it makes Inigo a stronger beast, and he already has a good skill set with Sol and Sword/Axefaire plus Galeforce. Partner up with him often, and with other units too, cause he will be saving you.

Vaike x Nowi - Nah is already so-so, so Vaike can better her skills with the Knight and Mercenary lines. She already has the Wyvern Rider line, so with Pavise from Vaike via the Knight line it can make her a tankier unit.

Gaius x Tharja - Noire should get Galeforce and Gaius is a good choice because of that, he also passes the Myrmidon line so she'll get Vantage which goes great with Vengeance. Tharja passes on the Knight line and Pavise, Sol, and Luna so Noire will turn out great, her Vantage/Vengeance combo is a great Dual Guard+ life saver too.

Frederick x Cherche - Gerome will be even tankier than Nah since he'll get better strength and defense, though his speed will be lacking; of course Gerome already wasn't going to be the speediest since Cherche herself doesn't have the best speed. Though Gerome will naturally get Sol and Renewal and all the breaker skills, so him gaining Pavise instead is great.

Henry x Lissa - Henry passes good skills and magic, and Owain will gain Dark Mage (though you can gain this with Libra too, he is also a fine choice to father Owain). Henry also gives Owain Wrath which is great for a Vantage and Vengeance combo, and he'll have Sword/Tome/Axefaire so Owain will turn out great physically or magically.

Edit: literally forgot the bargain bin laguz Panne and her son lmao, I knew I forgot one other mother/pairing. Honestly, unless you really want all the kids on the first playthrough then I say don't bother since other potential fathers for him are literally better for the other kids tbh.
Kellam x Panne - annoying meme character and knockoff laguz aside, they at least don't make that bad of a Yarne since he'll be gaining Pavise from Kellam. Though it's better to just use him as a support for a dual pair up.

Also I want to say, if you don't want Chrom and Sully to marry then make sure Chrom's support with whoever you want to pair him off with is higher than his and Sully's C support, since your game file will automatically pair him off with Sully after ch.11 ends; the game will always go for the highest support you have for Chrom, so pair him or Sully off to someone else right away if you don't want that. You can also pair Chrom with Olivia, but make sure his other marriage options are already paired off by ch.11 (or you can keep him away from them and not view any of their C supports), and after that have Olivia dance only around Chrom to raise support points in that chapter.

As for Robin pairings, if you want Morgan to have higher and better stats then marry a second gen character. Otherwise Morgan is always a pretty good unit and is similar with Brady and Inigo for being hard to screw up.
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Dragon Quest Builders 2 (Switch) - Wanted to move on to other games after completing it and FF IX, but I've went back to finish the post-end game content. Just finished the last of the tablet targets today.
Digimon Story Cybersleuth Complete (Switch) - Started playing this the other day. Aside from a game I rented for the PS1 and played as a little as a kid (I think it was World 3), this is my first Digimon game. And seeing how they all play differently, I think this one was a good choice. Currently playing the first one and I'm at the second or third chapter now. My starter is Hagurumon.
I can finally stop playing Mario Kart 64 since I completed all cups with all characters now, now I have only Double Dash!!, Wii, DS, 7 and 8 left.

Fire Emblem Gaiden

I suffered a minor setback because Clair got killed in one of the South Zofia maps. I'll go to Awakening to rest for a bit.
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