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What video games are you playing now?

Resident Evil 4 (Switch). I'm up to Chapter 2-2, and I'm surprised at myself for getting this far on my own.
Fire Emblem Three Houses, completed my second run of the Blue Lions again as well as finished Edelgard's route for the Black Eagles. Now I'm going to start the Church route for BE with New Game+ this time, I will also try to recruit everyone this time too.

Fire Emblem New Mystery of the Emblem, DS replay. Put this one off again for a bit to complete my two other runs in Three Houses, but went back to it and now I'm currently on ch.11. Gonna get the hidden Dracoshield this chapter since I don't want to wait until chapters 15 and 19 to get one, also I'll be getting Jake in this chapter so that'll be fun since I've always liked him.

Fire Emblem Heroes, finally got Legendary Leif last night! Also, just to see if I can push my luck, I tried to see if I'll get another one to at least a plus one or two (since I had two other colorless orbs to pull from), I didn't but I did get another Lucius to finally +10 him. I also got Klein on the other colorless orb pull, so now my Klein is sitting at +5 currently. now where is my legendary Seliph IS? don't leave my other boy out, these cousins need to be legendary heroes together
Digimon Story Cybersleuth (Switch) - I am currently at chapter 9 of the first game. Things are escalating quickly and I'm eager to see where things go from here. My only real complaint right now is that the translation really isn't good and obviously rushed in spots. Seeing as this is a port of a 2015 game, I'm a little disappointed they didn't bother to clean it up.
Just finished my second run of Trials of Mana, finishing with the following team: Duran (Liege), Angela (Archmage), and Hawkeye (Nightblade). Gonna start a third one with Charlotte, Kevin, and Lise.
Rocket League - Managed to finally get in Diamond.

Baba Is You - A lovely puzzle game that really makes you think, and in many cases you can spend so long looking for the solution to a puzzle, only to realise it was obvious the whole time.

TEW2016 - I've played this for a couple years now and really don't plan on stopping. I don't seem to get burned out on it for whatever reason, and I can keep coming up with ideas for the game fairly easily, it helps that it's a wrestling sim and that I'm big into Japanese Wrestling in particular, and I can choose to run it however I want in my game. Currently in a 4 year save with no signs of stopping anytime soon.
Fire Emblem Three Houses, well since the update and third wave DLC came out today, I've decided to put the Church route off and replay Edelgard's route again. Jeritza is now playable in this route only, and the best part is he has S supports with both male and female Byleth, so I'll be playing male Byleth again in this route now and have him paired off with Jeritza (and yes Jeritza even says he has feelings of love towards them, better than the two other bait and switch options male Byleth gets with Gilbert and Alois, so now he at least has two romantic male S supports instead of one). Anna is now playable too, so that's going to be fun; and we can finally interact with the dogs and cats around the monastery, and the sauna is now finally here, plus new outfits as Servants, Evening, and Summer clothing, new quests, etc.

Fire Emblem Heroes, since the Desert Mercenaries banner released there was only one unit (well units in this case) I wanted to get, the Ephraim and Lyon duo. I did end up getting them on my second summon ticket from the Forging Bonds event, also got Ross as well on the third ticket though I don't know if I'll build him. I'm waiting for Cormag though cause he's one I definitely want to build.

Fire Emblem New Mystery of the Emblem, DS replay. Currently on ch.18 and will be getting Frost as a unit, I'm eh on him since he originally appeared in Archanea Saga instead so I don't really feel too much toward him (in general, don't hate or like him). The objective is to seize so that'll be easy, iirc there is a secret shop this chapter though I'll have to see if I remember how to get to it.
Enchanted in the Moonlight: Kiryu, Chikage, & Yukinojo (Switch ver.), decided to take a bit of a break from playing some FE games so I went back to this otome VN. Decided to go back through the Kiryu route again (cause Kiryu is best boy ofc) since I really love his story more compared to the others. Just got to Episode 9 in the story and will finish up the first season tonight. I think tomorrow I'll go back to play the Miyabi, Kyoga, & Samon version again, Miyabi's route is my favorite in this one so I might do that one again. (I'm still salty that the Switch ports didn't include Shinra's route since I liked it from what I've played of the Season 1 main story)
Been playing a lot of Animal Crossing: New Leaf lately. Trying to get all the bugs and fish I can in November, haha. I've gotten a lot of the fish already, but I gotta catch more bugs.

Also been playing League of Legends on and off, primarily with friends. RuneScape is also in my list of games I've been playing, and I'm trying to get my Smithing up to level 80; I'm at 78 right now, and I'll probably hit 80 by the end of the weekend since I'm off work. Also playing Pokemon HeartGold as well, with the goal of having it completed by the end of the month.
Pokemon HeartGold. I just needed something to distract me from the Pokemon controversies for a while. To begin, I chose Chikorita as my starter.
Well, I just got my copies of Sword and Shield, so... there's that.

Otherwise, I have my plate full with mobages, browser games, and mobile games. (Touken Ranbu, Icchibanketsu, Namu Amida Butsu UTENA, Granblue Fantasy, Pokemon Masters, Sengoku Basara Battle Party, and Pokemon GO... it's a lot.)
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