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What video games are you playing now?

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle

Tip for those that want to use custom songs in the game: the audio will be way higher than the in-game music. I scared the hell out of myself while trying out Anasui's Theme in the game, so beware.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven

Like with Indie Pogo, I'm perpetually grinding for skins. Doesn't help that one of the most expensive ones is for Rohan, a character I don't enjoy using.
Stardew Valley - Rotating between 4 files: standard, hilltop, river and forest farms.
  • Standard: Wine, making more wine and diving through skull cavern. (also an entire farm full of kegs!) This is my endgame file. Maru is best waifu
  • Hilltop: A medium sized farm layout complete with chickens and cows. I wanted to marry Haley on this file but now I'm just indecisive. Who knows. Might just leave the marriage part alone for a while.
  • River: "Oh let's see if I can make a fish farm!" Now THIS file is gonna take a while to get through because for once I'm not gonna wine it up! Time will tell if this is even a decent goal.
  • Forest: Zero progress. That is all.
  • Pondering a Joja run. Key word: Pondering
Lumines Remastered - the last six skins in Basic mode are killing me. Gotta readjust somehow.
My Hero One's Justice 2, been going through the Story mode bit by bit to get some of the unlockable customization stuff. Did some more online battles earlier today, tried out a few battles with Mina and won a few. She's pretty great as well, though I have more fun using Camie right now, but both girls' combo's are pretty easy to pull off so that's nice. A bit later, or tomorrow morning maybe, I'll be doing more Arcade mode, I completed all three of Izuku Shoot Style's routes so now I have to work my way with the rest of the roster.
Animal Crossing: New Horizons! Built my home on a beautiful lil slug-shaped island.

Today I paid off the 98,000 Bell loan, got the museum prepared for building, got the shop prepared for building, got the upgraded tools, went to a couple deserted islands, convinced a couple villagers to move in, caught a gajillion bugs and fish (that are waiting in storage for Blathers to set up shop), and had fun!

I wouldn't normally go this fast with all the tasks, but I want the hourly music back, and there's a requirement you have to fulfill to unlock it. So this is all in service of that goal, lol
Animal Crossing New Horizons

I'm on my 4th day, and wow... There is no shortage of things that I can do. I created a daily log on Reddit just yesterday, should anyone wish to see some things I've done.
Harvest Moon- Island of Happiness. I built a coop, and have one chicken now.
Indie Pogo

Still grinding for skins, so far I'm missing Orcane's pink skin, Velocispider's grey skin, Yolk's peach and black skins, Penelope's purple skin and Kick's blue, green and white skins.

I also found out a glitch to my advantage: Diogenes had all his skins unlocked from the start, but they still show up in the shop. So, that's one less thing to buy.

EDIT: On the other hand, one of Penelope's skins is missing. I don't think that's normal...
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Animal Crossing New Horizons

Besides the occasional stopping to pack because moving, I have basically been playing this game non-stop since Thursday night. I love my little Island home and have to decorate it with little patches of flowers and now that I have the upgraded Resident Services Building (I time-traveled a little so I could do the stuff with that because the day I was supposed to unlock it I'm going to be on the road all day), I have been setting out furniture in hopes to entice some campers to my tent.
I've been switching between Animal Crossing and Mystery Dungeon DX

In Animal Crossing, I'm just waiting for my new villagers to move in. To kill time, I'm grinding Nook miles to buy plane tickets so I can find more fruit. I have peaches, cherries, pears, coconuts and bamboo.

In Mystery Dungeon, I've returned to Treasure town after the whole Ninetales thing. I'm grinding quests because I'm severly underleveled and have no more dojo tickets.
Subnautica: Got a PRAWN suit, but it looks like it doesn't really have a bunch of practical applications without a Cyclops to drive it around in, plus nickel from the lost river to actually make most of its upgrades. So guess where I'm going next~
I already visited the Alien Laboratory Cache accessible directly from the Blood Kelp Trench, but that's just scratching the surface of the notable landmarks in the Lost River. So, the Seamoth's fully kitted out with defensive and utility mods, I've got two spare power cells Just In Case, and I'm gonna go explore them caves.
Harvest Moon- Sunshine Islands. Bought the husband bed, but Denny won't accept the blue feather of marriage.
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