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What video games are you playing now?

  • Berserker Queen successfully neutralised and autopsied. What remained of her skin has been grafted onto the new R.A.G.E. suit.
  • The very next mission I encountered the third and final ruler: Subject Alpha, the Archon King. It was not terrific, set Blazing Pinions during a reaction while most of my squad was tapped-out for the turn, that hurt. But, it turns out that when you're packing grenades and ammo to inflict DoT status you can actually get those guys hurting badly enough to retreat quicker than you'd expect.
  • XCOM communications network has been extended through to Indonesia and East Asia, granting access to an Avatar facility and the Forge Assault mission.
  • Almost all weapon varieties wielded by XCOM soldiers have been upgraded to utilise magnetic firing systems, increasing their firepower. Any additional upgrades to the weapons at this point are honestly just gravy, supplies can finally be filtered elsewhere.
  • We've recruited enough scientists to fully analyse the data pulled from the Codex before it tried to scrub the lot by taking itself out. Turns out the alien Elders are dying simply as a natural result of their frail bodies being unable to contain their psionic powers, yay! But they've found something important enough in the human genetic code in their search for a cure that they've decided to put down roots on Earth to study it, through the Avatar Project (less yay). We now need to gather additional details by skulljacking a "live" Codex. But I'm not going to do that right now, because I know what happens when I do. And I 100% need to buy the second armour upgrade before I'm comfortable even attempting that one.
  • The aliens continue to make progress on the Avatar Project. If I'm going to slow them down, I'll have to move fast.
Meant to mention this yesterday but I fell asleep. Still working MegaMan Battle Chip Challenge. For the time being I stopped trying to fill out the Open Tournament function with fodder Navi Codes (YOU try filling in 125 unique codes that all consist of 20 different letters, numbers, and symbols in a specific order) and decided to continue with the main story. I'm up to 70-ish filler Navi Codes, give or take. Anyway, finished the D Rank tournaments (Match, Sapling, Droplet, Battery) and gained the Net Navis from each tournament to use for future battles (TorchMan (note that I do know it's FireMan in the games but I saw the English anime first so TorchMan is engraved in my head, plus it just sounds cooler), IceMan, WoodMan, and ElecMan).

It's interesting to note that, of the four, ElecMan can actually carry you through several of the later tournaments, even the post-game ones, despite being the weakest in terms of HP and special attack, as the others tend to get outclassed later on (TorchMan gets outclassed by HeatMan (fittingly), IceMan gets outclassed by Aqua Custom MegaMan, and while WoodMan remains decent for a while he eventually gets outclassed by SnakeMan). This is because he's got the highest priority rating of all the Navis (which determines turn order) and good dodging ability, so even his low HP (450) and weak main attack (20 to all loaded chips) isn't much of an issue. This is proof why he's the coolest of the WWW Navis.
I got the Super Mario RPG remake for my birthday in late November and have been REALLY enjoying it. I'm in the middle of Booster's Tower right now...currently have Mario, Mallow, and Bowser (newest addition) in the active party and Geno on standby (Mario is always in the active party, and I kind of needed Mallow to stay active because I use Thought Peek on everything to fill out the bestiary...sorry Geno, I'll put you back in soon!) I want to play some more this weekend, but I also want to do the Dialga/Palkia raids and have some other stuff to get done, so we'll see.
Didn't get as much done today as I would've liked but I continued my playthrough of MegaMan Battle Chip Challenge. Beat the C Rank tournaments (Quick, Guard, Hole). Once again, ElecMan puts in the work, nearly soloing the Quick and Guard tournaments (only getting swapped out for TorchMan in one battle each), proving why he's the coolest WWW Navi. WoodMan also put in good work in the Hole tournament, since his bulk + special attack + liberal use of TreeBombs shredded most of the Navis (and their chip folders) there. I've since added SkullMan from the Guard tournament to my folder, as not only does he have the second strongest special attack in the game (at 90 damage, just short of GateMan's and Hub Style MegaMan's 100) but high HP (650) and a pretty big amount of MB, which grants him great flexibility in what chips he can use (no wonder he's such a scary opponent in this game). Plus his dodging ability isn't half-bad. Now my total MB has been increased by another 20MB (MegaMan: 210, SkullMan: 190, TorchMan/ElecMan/WoodMan/IceMan: 170), which greatly expands my options.
Lately I've been replaying most of the Rance games again, mainly Kichikuou Rance and Sengoku Rance. Also done another replay of the first three Metal Gear Solid games, the ones ported to the Switch. And I picked up Zoids Wild Blast Unleashed again on the Switch, trying to finish up the rest of the missions I have left.

Aside from those, I've mainly been playing the English release of Tokyo Revengers Pazuribe. I've been playing on the JP server for a while, so I'm just happy to finally play in English this time. Downside is, I have yet to get a few two star characters I got pretty early on in the JP version; those characters being Choji, Ran, and Rindou, would also be nice to get Hanma as well too. I guess all my luck went to getting both Idol Takemichi and Beloved Bike Draken on the first pulls in their respective banners, lol. I just know this time it'll be a nightmare to try and get Idol Chifuyu, Easter Takemichi, Ran, and Rindou, and Officer Ran when their banners come out in English. On the bright side, I got my mom to play this; she absolutely loves decorating her hideout, and she thinks all the characters, especially their chibi art, are really cute.
  • Archon King eliminated with a surprisingly low amount of drama? It's incredible what good steps in developing your gear will get you, I guess. That makes all three alien rulers destroyed and cobbled into armour for my soldiers. It's nice, related enemies have a chance of flying into a panic when they see us rolling up wearing the corpses of their superior counterparts.
  • Several soldier classes have had their weaponry upgraded to plasma-based armaments, and all classes (including my one SPARK unit) have been upgraded to elerium-based armour.
  • Contact made with the regions of Brazil and Mexico, with a radio relay installed in Brazil to smooth intel costs of connecting to additional nearby regions.
  • The aliens have completed enough work on the Avatar project to enable the Doom Countdown. Currently engaged in a strike mission in Mexico with which we plan to destroy a 4-pip facility to knock progress back by a significant amount.
Updates on some of the games that I've been playing this week:
  • Octopath Traveler: Finished grabbing all the characters, now starting each one's Chapter 2. Starting with Therion and Tressa since they had the lowest suggested levels. Struggling to beat either boss without a bit of grinding, though.
  • Vampire Survivors: I think I'm getting closer and closer to what I'd consider "the end" of this game? I have ran into something that I assume is kind of a final boss-like thing but I'm not sure. Regardless, still enjoying it.
  • Donkey Kong Country: Finished this up after a week or so. Didn't know how close I was to finishing!
  • Rhythm Heaven: Picked this up on a whim last Friday and played through the first few levels. For someone who's a pretty talented musician, I apparently am pretty shit at rhythm.
  • Kirby Planet Robobot: Picked this up to replace DKC as a platformer. It's fantastic thus far.
Replayed Ocarina of Time with some friends, that game was my childhood, so it was crazy to see the Forest Temple again and not be scared of it.
Wow! Mine too! I was really, really little when I watched my dad play that game for the first time though-I think I was.......6 years old or so. It's funny, when you were a kid, it sounds like you were scared of the Forest Temple, and everybody always talks about how scary the Shadow Temple was, but I was never really that scared of either. Y'know what did scare me the most about Ocarina of Time though? Ganondorf. I used to be legit terrified of the guy.
I was really, really little when I watched my dad play that game for the first time though
Funnily enough, my dad also bought the game for himself— but I got ahold of it first. LOL. I can’t remember how old I was, I wanna say like.. 7? But I can’t remember. I was young enough to spend so much time on the game because I was lost LOL.

It's funny, when you were a kid, it sounds like you were scared of the Forest Temple, and everybody always talks about how scary the Shadow Temple was, but I was never really that scared of either. Y'know what did scare me the most about Ocarina of Time though? Ganondorf. I used to be legit terrified of the guy.
So!! I actually didn’t find the Shadow Temple that bad?? I know I found the Forest Temple MUCH worse in terms of fear factor, and I think a lot of it had to do with the way it was introduced to the player and most of all the music— I think the music in that place is insanely unnerving. It gives me this sensation of being hunted and running through the woods to lose it till I’m lost. Also the wall-grabbers after the twisted hall actually scared me so bad, I had to ask my older sister to play the game whenever I had to go through that room LOL.

But yeah, it’s the first temple you go to when the world is under Ganon’s control and your beautiful childhood is all messed up and awful now… So that coupled with the overall vibe of the Forest Temple just really set the scene, it was very well done.

And I don’t blame you at all for being scared of Ganon, LOL! They do a good job of painting this scary image of him by showing everything he did to Hyrule!
Also the wall-grabbers after the twisted hall actually scared me so bad, I had to ask my older sister to play the game whenever I had to go through that room LOL.
Oh yeah, I feel you. Wallmasters are ultra-terrifying.
And I don’t blame you at all for being scared of Ganon, LOL! They do a good job of painting this scary image of him by showing everything he did to Hyrule!
Actually, the scene that scared me the most with Ganondorf was right before he inflicts all the devastation upon Hyrule-the iconic scene when Zelda and Impa are fleeing the castle and then he just shows up out of nowhere right behind Link on his equally terrifying horse. That scene scared the hell out of me as a kid. (The music in that scene, too.)
  • Mexican Avatar Facility destroyed, progress set back by four pips. We're back off the clock, baby!
  • Contact made with both resistance cells in the United States, grating access to the Codex Coordinates mission.
  • With little else to make meaningful progress on at this time (literally, Tygan is out of research projects and Shen's development has stalled due to low resource stocks), I've decided that it's finally time to get rolling on some story progression. So it's off to the coordinates extracted from the blacksite vial!
Pokemon HeartGold: My second time playing HGSS, and I'm having much more fun than last time. Kind of forgot how garbage the level curve is, it feels... unnatural to be heading into the 7th gym with a level 31-32 team

Metroid: Samus Returns: My third (or fourth?) time around, but this time on Fusion mode, the highest difficulty. Lemme tell you, this shit is HARD. Every enemy deals huge damage, and I've only collected enough energy tanks to survive like, 4 hits before dying.
Time for an update!

Samus Returns: I'm roughly 60% through the game, and I've got enough health to tank plenty of hits. Sometimes I quit paying attention to it and suddenly die, but other than that, it's pretty easy. Thinking about playing Fusion and Zero Mission on their hardest difficulties next to compare.

HeartGold: Just got to the postgame! Feelings are still pretty much the same- like it, but don't love it; level curve bad
Super Lesbian Animal RPG: Played through the first (and second?) dungeon so far and it is terrific! Super gay, great comedic writing, and fantastic energy.

XCOM 2: Forge facility located from the Blacksite Vial coordinates has been raided. Successfully retrieved a "blank template" of the aliens' genetic experiments. Mostly human, but ready to have the DNA from any one of the alien species inserted to complete the creature. This template is also notably high in psionic potential. Clearly an intentional design choice, but why? With all (applicable) soldier upgrades from Shen fully complete, plus a good deal of Guerilla Tactic training completed, the next order of business is investigating the coordinates extracted from that Codex before it double-killed itself, conveniently the contact I made with the Western US resistance cell gives me immediate access to the mission whenever I wanna start it. Almost like I planned this, some some kind of tactical strategy employed in this game.
Meant to mention this a while ago but RL has been a royal pain lately. Been doing double duty on the games lately.

First, MegaMan Battle Chip Challenge. Completed all the B Rank tournaments (Fireworks, Verdant, Stream, Thunder). IceMan pretty much handled Fireworks on his own, netting me HeatMan's Navi chip. I've since swapped out TorchMan for HeatMan. HeatMan may have slightly less MB, but has much higher HP (650), better dodging (B), and a stronger Navi attack (70 Fire that pierces shields) makes him the vastly superior choice to TorchMan (and pretty much Mr. Match's best Fire Navi). HeatMan then scorched the Verdant tournament single-handedly. Then ElecMan zapped the Stream tournament, netting me SharkMan, who has since replaced IceMan. While SharkMan does have lower MB, HP, and special attack, his dodging and accuracy rate is much higher (and IceMan was already pretty slippery), and his Navi attack deals chip damage while IceMan's attack is stronger but is just plain damage. ElecMan then handled the first few rounds of the Thunder tournament with WoodMan taking care of the clean-up. It's at this point I've come to really notice WoodMan's low MB, as it makes it harder to give him decent chips. Not to mention most Wood chips are astonishingly high cost (ranging from 30 to 50 MB on average) despite being pretty meh over all (only Spice 3 and Gaia Blade are pretty good before modifiers, and Spice requires Grass Panels in play to use, thus is rather situational, and they still cost a whopping 50 MB to use). And this is also including the fact that my entire back column of chips consists of 0 MB chips (2 Panel Grabs and 2 Recover 30) that basically act as fodder and damage sponges to protect my better chips and give me more MB to work with. Might be time to start adding in more Navi Codes in the free tournament section so I can get Wood Shield MegaMan, since his MB is only slightly less than base MegaMan and, and while his HP is lower (400) and his attack is meh (30 damage to all chips), that higher MB and better dodging ability make him more useful. I know I said SnakeMan outstrips WoodMan but you can't get SnakeMan until the post-game, and PlantMan (which I got in the Verdant tournament) is even worse. So it might be time to invest in getting Wood Shield MegaMan if only for the MB and better dodging ability.

Secondly, picked up Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth Complete Edition again. Took care of the events in Under Zero, defeating "Yuugo" and then taking control of Nokia and her newly created Omnimon to whup Fei into oblivion. Then after dealing with the next events had a chat with Omnimon to learn what the Paradise Lost Plan: an invasion by some xenophobic Royal Knights to destroy the real world in hopes of getting rid of the Eaters. There is a serious flaw the Royal Knights' plan that is, strangely, never addressed in-game (destroying the real world will destroy the Digital World, too, as the Digital World depends on the real world's cybermatrix to exist despite being technically separate, thus destroying one destroys both). At least Omnimon seems reasonable. Then we meet up with Kyoko for our strategy meeting (and humorously watch Nokia's brain overload from the technobabble) before heading into the Nakano Underpass, where a Digital Shift has formed (technically it was already there but it was incomplete at the time) so we can rescue Yuuko from Keshibie, with Fei tagging along. Did a bit of extra grinding while I was down there and I'm now heading into battle with the first true villain. My team consists of Tsunami the Neptunemon, Blitz the Kentaurosmon, Lunalight the LadyDevimon, Mary Ann the Sistermon Ceil Awakened, and Solaris the Ophanimon. I've since boxed Bai Tzu the Kazuhumon and Airazor the Valkyriemon because both are at max level while I'm trying to get Lunalight to become a Lilithmon but she still needs a few points of INT before she can Digivolve.
Am trying to enter Blueberry Academy but there’s a glitch. I can’t tell Cyrano.
  • Raided the Codex Brain Coordinates and retrieved a psionic gate. Upon analysis within the Shadow Chamber it was revealed that a Codex's signal would kick it into an active state, leading to a location that appears to be the aliens' stronghold. Unfortunately, a second key is required to make our way through, a biological key. Continued research necessary.
  • Skull-jacked a live Codex in the field to attempt to gain full access to the Avatar network. Upon connection, a new creature leapt upon us: an Avatar. After killing it and bringing the remains back for analysis, Tygan discovered that it contained the full biological key needed to travel through the gate and assault the aliens in their home base. Only problem is that we'll have to make our own Avatar (we need a living specimen to travel through the portal), and I'll have to pilot it.
  • Turns out the elders are not happy about us having killed one of them by taking down the Avatar they were piloting, and are about to round up every human they can get their hands on to accelerate Avatar production with a global broadcast. A broadcast we can hack. We'll storm the tower, hijack the transmission to tell the world what's really happening, and use that moment of confusion to strike on the alien stronghold. This is it, the final battle for Earth.
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