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What video games are you playing now?

Forgive the now triple post but I got a ton more done in Breath of Fire 3. First, managed to explore Momo's Tower (and spent too much time on the fountain puzzle to gain all three prizes), gaining her as a new party member. Then, after a not-so flying escape on a rocket I apprenticed Momo and Ryu to D'lonzo at the Coffee Shop and learned about the Plant that Palet and Momo's late father built. So it was off to the Plant. We learned of Palet's real reason for our help: getting rid of a mutant plant. So it was off to the Dump. After fighting the Mutant we had to dispose of it in the magma, to the gang's depression, especially Momo's. But from the Mutant's remains Peco was born. Now we have our little mutant onion. Afterward made our way to Yggdrasil, gave him one of our hard-earned Wisdom Fruits so Nina could become his apprentice. After cleaning out D'lonzo of her skills and shuffling a few around (such as giving Ryu Steal, Momo Double Blow, and Peco Monopolize and Charge), we were betrayed by Palet and handed over to Balio and Sunder. Nina hatches up a plan for the gang to enter the Contest of Champions and if we win we gain our freedom. Balio sees a prospect of making money so he allows it... but holds Peco hostage to ensure we can't pull a runner. Beat the first two challenges in the contest before Ryu lost to Garr. But Garr helps the gang out. Now we're free, but Balio and Sunder aren't done yet. Ryu is Level 21, Nina is Level 16, Momo is Level 15, and Peco is Level 1.
I am currently playing Genshin Impact, Honkai Star Rail and Xenoblade Chronicles definitive edition. I do play Genshin Impact and Honkai Star Rail a bit more compared to Xenoblade but I am really enjoying those three games. I don't really like having a lot of games on my plate to play since I have other obligations to take care of before playing games.
This weekend I played Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Gotham Knights. Both have been on my backlog for a decent amount of time so it’s nice to finally get them started.
I’ve got to Chapter 3 in Xeno 2 and that’s been pretty fun, I’ve been really enjoying the combat and the premise is pretty cool. And in Gotham Knights, I’m on Case 2. It’s fine, but nowhere near Batman Arkham Knight and the traversal is a bit bland, but so far the story and combat have been pretty good.
Super Mario 3D World: Wrapped up all the way through to the end of World Flower. At this point the only frontier left to be conquered is World Crown, but I really have to decide if I actually feel like going through all of the prerequisites. Stars is probably pretty doable, I'm only missing three that just didn't feel seriously worth trying with the Drifty As Fuck Joycon, probably decently doable if I just busted out the pro controller. But I've skipped a lot of stamps, and even if I did generally try for a gold flag I never made a big deal about missing them, just because I never thought that either of those would be useful. So I'm really not sure if I wanna just go digging back through that many stages to pick those up.

Resident Evil 4make: Made it into Salazar's castle, Ashley had a moment and ran off for a bit, I found her again though, 'sall good. Luis fucked it up though, now he's in trouble so we gotta go rescue him in a ballroom.

Crash 4: Played through everything from Bermugula to Cortex Castle (the stage). Collecting more and more skins as I go through, collecting Future Past for Coco, as well as Willy the Wombat and Crate Crusher 9000 for Crash. I also went back and collected all four coloured gems, since I'm pretty sure I'll need those to get Crate Crusher for Coco. And I did Cortex Castle, which I actually did much better in than last time I did it! Though I still got nowhere close to the 3-death limit for that one gem, it still generally kicked my ass significantly less than the first time through, which is good!
Got a lot further in Breath of Fire 3. I battled and defeated Stallion, finally putting an end to Balio and Sunder, with Garr joining the ranks. Went back to Wyndia to gain a passport and return Nina... only for her to join up again because of a misadventure with Honey, Momo's robot. I then apprenticed Garr to Bunyan, Peco to Fahl, and Ryu and Momo to Giotto (the latter of which was past the checkpoint), only to switch Momo back to D'lonzo after a few levels (I mostly wanted to boost her HP and AP to a more desirable level, as she's a glass cannon, and D'lonzo penalizes HP and AP growth, plus that +5 to accuracy is still necessary for Momo to actually hit a target even with the Artemis' Cap, and the Agility boost is helpful). Managed to clean out Fahl of skills in the process before continuing on with the story. Trained up Beyd thanks to liberal use of Backhand on Garr and Ryu's healing magic so all it took was three training sessions for Beyd to beat the snot out of Zig. Went to the Lighthouse, reactivated it, beat Gazer, and am now heading to the Faerie Realm. Ryu is Level 26, Nina is Level 21, Momo is Level 21, Peco is Level 7, and Garr is Level 21.
Currently in the peak of a MAJOR splatoon addiction at this point i’m just holding out for the 22nd for side orders drop so my addiction can become even stronger
Just finished Inscryption, a fantastic psychological horror/thriller game with deckbuilding gameplay. Definitely give it a shot if you're a fan of either horror, OR if you're a fan of deckbuilding games like Dominion, Hearthstone, or TCGs like Pokemon or Magic the Gathering.

Still working my way through Valkyria Chronicles, which is a fun little tactical classic from the PS3 era, with a fantastic art style and unique gameplay, in the sense that you move around on a 3D plane & manually aim to determine hit%. The story is pretty cheezy for now, but good enough to keep me looped in.

Aside from that, still loosely working my way through Hades' postgame as well as trying the new "Adventure Mode" in Vampire Survivors. And, slowly but surely making my way through my Final Fantasy VII Remake replay in preparation for Rebirth at the end of the month. I'm in Ch14 now.

On the stream side of things, I'm at the end of my Pokemon Shining Pearl nuzlocke run, and just started a playthrough of Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance ironman! For the latter, I'm only in like Chapter 6 and I've lost two characters already :(
Sonic Battle: Beat the game! (The Eggman boss at the end was annoying to deal with tough, with his constant missile spam and strange floating making it hard to finish your combos against him.)
Other than the lack of a tutorial teaching the more finer mechanic, I'd say the game is pretty good! If you have a GBA, I'd recommend picking this up if you like Smash bros! (If you can find it, that is.)

FFPS: Completed the Mediocrity and Insanity endings, so now I just need to do the Completion and Blacklisted endings.
I am quite enjoying the game, the tycooning is charming and the night segments are entertaining. (Though I am yet to have to deal with all four animatronics at once, so here's hoping that doesn't prove to be too difficult.)
With the more relaxing, laid back nature and the day phases making the gameplay loop feel less repetitive, I'd say it's possibly the most replayable FNAF game.

I've also started playing Dead by Daylight on PC, after only playing the mobile version. Didn't like how you have to hold shift to sprint instead of having toggle option, but I just remapped an extra button on my mouse and now it's not so uncomfortable.
I booted up Terraria last night for the very first time. Yes, I'm suuuuuuuuuper late to the party lol. Anyway, I was overwhelmed by the interface and stopped after ~10 minutes lol. I'm too used to Starbound, which was more streamlined. (Or less? Not sure lol.) I'll probably give it another go tonight.

I also played a couple battles of Dynasty Warriors 7: Xtreme Legends Definitive Edition (which is not at all a mouthful /s) yesterday. Button mashing is fun.
I did try Terraria again the following night, but I found it too unintuitive and without a sufficient tutorial in game.

Anyway, I'm almost at 50% Stars in Super Mario 64 DS. Kind of breezing through much faster than when I was 10 lol. I'll be able to face the final boss in fewer than 15 Stars.

I booted up AR Games for 3DS tonight! I hadn't touched that in half a decade at the very least. Took a couple silly photos with the character cards. Beat a dragon a few different ways. Such an amazing tech demo. I reeeeeeally wish they'd released a full game like that.

Finally, I just played through about 10 levels in Trauma Center: Under the Knife, one of the most stressful video games ever designed lol. I hadn't played in 10+ years, so I was a little rusty at first, but I didn't lose until I got to the bomb diffusion level, which has always been a nightmare. Still got my cortisol levels to an unhealthy level, though. Turns out there's a reason I haven't touched that game in forever, and its name is GUILT. Frakking GUILT. (Amazing game, though. 7.8/10, too much bleeding.)
Meant to mention this earlier but I got some more done in Breath of Fire 3. I beat Dolphin, thus freeing the faeries from his threat. Now we need to head into Mt. Zublo since both the ship is still lost and the road is blocked so we can get to Urkan Tapa and, more importantly, Angel Tower. Spent a bit of time grinding, shuffling Masters around, farming items, learning skills, and boosting stats before heading through Mt. Zublo. Fought and defeated the triple-terror that is Gisshan, Scylla, and Charybdis in the volcano and now I'm in the Urkan Region. Ryu is Level 29, Nina is Level 26, Momo is Level 23, Garr is Level 24, and Peco is Level 15.
Forgive the double post (thought it's been nearly a day since last time) but I got a lot more done in Breath of Fire 3. After doing some grinding and Master adjustments, cleaning out Hondra of his skills (one of which will be very useful shortly), the gang went to Angel Tower. Took care of the events in Angel Tower, beating Garr with a Flame-enhanced Behemoth Dragon form, ending the Childhood chapters. Started the Adulthood chapters, where Garr reunites with a now-adult Ryu at Dunala Mines. Defeated the Dragon Zombie (no, not the Duel Monster one) with one stroke thanks to the Kyrie spell I got from Hondra. Battled the Weretiger at Ogre Road before reuniting with Rei in Cedar Woods, learning that he was the Weretiger, before he continues his roaring rampage of revenge on Syn City and the criminal organization there. Reunited with a now-adult Nina and headed back to Syn City to witness Rei's "handiwork". Battled and defeated Mikba (though he killed Rei twice thanks to those damn Lucky Strikes he gets) before regaining Rei permanently. Upgraded some equipment, including getting a few things for later. Now it's off to Wyndia for another passport. Ryu is Level 31, Nina is Level 29, Rei is Level 20, and Garr is Level 27.
Right now I am playing Genshin Impact, Honkai Star Rail and Final Fantasy 7 Remake. I'm hoping to get more than halfway through Final Fantasy remake so that I can hopefully start playing the 2nd installment of FF7 which is the FF7 Rebirth. I mean I have played the original game but I know this is like an alternate timeline I guess and one of my favorite scenes or storylines happens in the rebirth game and I'm so impatient but I guess I really should clear the remake first so I can also delete it and have more space for the game since Final Fantasy games are ridiculously large.
I got the LEGO Skywalker Saga game on Switch, despite having never seen the Sequel Trilogy. My only experience with LEGO Star Wars until this is The Original Trilogy for DS, the single buggiest, least finished game I've ever played (and still loved the heck out of it, mind you, in part for the lulz). I love how this one offers more freedom to explore the films' set pieces and solve incidental puzzles Breath of the Wild-style. (I do wish the whole Galaxy were open at the start, though.) I'm on Episode I and thoroughly enjoying it. It's taking all I have to stay on track with the story and not explore every nook and cranny of the game world yet, though. XD

For POKEYMANS Day [sic], I'm revisiting my SoulSilver file. With my party as it is, I have no recollection or even an idea of how I possibly managed to get all 16 Badges because my party is in the upper 30s and mid-50s in level lol. Plus, my Togepi, Eggy, who genuinely has 0 EXP and has been with me literally since I got the Mystery Egg, takes up a permanent spot on the team, so my victories up to this point make no sense. This was almost 14 years ago, and the Badges are, against all reason, there, but I can't fathom how lol.

Last Saturday, when I first booted SS again after so many years, I did a Bug-Catching Contest and got 3rd place. The kicker? All three winners had "PINSIR," each described by the MC in more impressive terms lol. First time I think that's ever happened to me in 24 years. Also, I had no recollection that they added more species to the contest postgame, and their levels blindsided me lol.
I have now beaten side order with every palette. Highly recommend it. Good difficulty, gameplay, and music. Now I'm planning on playing multiplayer matches with the new replicas to grab some more Sheldon tickets. And prepare for the next season
Not much to say about Gems of War: Switch had a "Guild Wars" event scheduled (scheduled in advance) this week only for it to immediately reveal why they canceled it on other platforms until (at minimum) the next client update -- something about the reworked PVP (from the current client update) is triggering server-error messages after each battle, functionally invalidating the results. Speaking of which, it's widely criticized (at least in their forums) that the current ranking system in PVP disproportionately favors newer players, independent of how good their battle teams actually are. (That is to say, the points you win for beating a PVP team are scaled relative to their "player level" vs. yours -- meaning the longer you play, the higher your player level, so the fewer points per battle you get. wtf?)

Note that in this game, "PVP" isn't PVP per se, i.e. not live multiplayer; instead you simply battle whatever team that player constructed with the cpu playing their side. It's ... actually kinda weird like that, but it also means that teams which rely specifically on player discretion are categorically weaker on defense (cpu controlled) than attack (player controlled). For example, one potent combo is casting the "Shield of Urskaya" (Armor stat buff equal to 50% of enemy team's cumulative Attack stats) on the troop "Paladin" (single-target damage buffed 1:1 by its Armor stat) but this requires actually recognizing the Armor synergy between these two cards, which the cpu player does not. Similarly, the troop "Aziris" (creates one Skull on the board, at a location of the player's choice) basically allows the player to turn any 2 adjacent Skulls into a match of 3 (or more), when the cpu will only ever place that Skull at random (rendering the same troop basically useless).

Meanwhile, in Pokemon Unite there is the new Miraidon event -- structurally it's pretty similar to the Mewtwo launch event (roll a die, move squares along a path to set objectives then complete them to score event points), main difference being the event points are measured in Sandwiches. I took Miraidon out for one test in Practice Mode but no real matches yet. I've actually been mostly farming the "Solo Challenge" event (which may or may not be an ongoing thing).
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I got Starlink the other day. It's scratching my itch for space-based exploration. I put the difficulty on Easy because I'm a filthy casual. :3

Oh! And I got a copy of Kirby Squeak Squad, up to 10 years after losing my original. Started from scratch. Beat Dedede in 15-20 seconds flat by spamming Cutter at him. He didn't get the chance to do anything other than move toward me a little bit lol.
Right now I am currently playing Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, I'm having a good time with it so far. I'm playing it on easy mode because I want to enjoy the game and story and not have to worry about always dying because I am not the best at skilled fighting/combat. I'm also playing Honkai Star Rail still and Genshin Impact. I'm almost always playing Genshin and Honkai though and I tend to just add a 3rd game to play that has a start and end point already compared to the two gacha games which are still releasing patches and stories and worlds.
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