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What was the hardest fight for you

Volo. 6v8 is brutal in of itself, but the way legends' battles work makes it very easy for volo to get revenge for his Pokemon fainting, and knocking yours out immediately
I agree about Volo. He gave me a run for my money the few times I battled him. I would like to add Cynthia in the Sinnoh remakes. She owned me the first time, though I got her second time.
One of the toughest fights I've ever had was when I battled La Primera! She's the strongest Champion in Paldea, so of course it was a challenge!
Wasn't your fight with Juliana before Area Zero harder?
TOTEM LURANTIS IN ULTRA SUN/MOON. HOLY SHIT. I know the Ultra games are some of the hardest in the series but I'm pretty sure it's the only fight I've done in ANY game where I've actively had to use status moves other than the kind that deal indirect damage (I had to get my Zorua to use Taunt to stop Lurantis from healing).
Diantha in the original X and Y.

Nearly half of my team was weak to Fairy types. I had Mega Absol, for what it was worth; not too many interesting Mega Evolutions available in those games, at least for me.
I haven’t played too many games (only what’s on the Nintendo switch) but the hardest battle for me was Cynthia in bdsp. I’m still surprised that I was able to pull through, affection saved me. Her team is so well put together and were really hard for me to beat.
it’s a tie between volo and ultra necrozma. It took little annaki 5-7 months to beat necrozma, and i beat the volo fight recently.

i got legends on day one and got to the volo fight in a week. that’s how hard this fight was for me.
Cynthia I guess? I don't remember how the battle went the first time I fought her in Diamond but I remember struggling in Platinum a few times. Also Whitney in G/S/C. I never used a Fighting type in those games though so that might explain why I suffered against her.
my memory is failing me as far as THE hardest battle, but i do know that my more challenges battles were always in spinoff games (where there's some sort of stipulation or another where i couldn't out-grind the battles, which explains the difficulty) moreso than the main series games.
It for me was either Volo or Leon when i first played Sword, it took me multiple tries for both and i of course eventually won both but they sure took a while
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