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What was the hardest noble fight in Legends Arceus?

Who was that hardest noble to fight

  • Kleavor

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Lilligant

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Arcanine

    Votes: 20 55.6%
  • Electrode

    Votes: 7 19.4%
  • Avalugg

    Votes: 9 25.0%

  • Total voters
By far Avalugg for me. It took me at least a few tries to get the timing down to avoid its icy breath and the projectiles it shoots, all while not having that much room to evade such wide-ranging attacks. (Though Arcanine gave me quite a bit of trouble too.)
By far Avalugg for me. It took me at least a few tries to get the timing down to avoid its icy breath and the projectiles it shoots, all while not having that much room to evade such wide-ranging attacks. (Though Arcanine gave me quite a bit of trouble too.)
I will agree that Avalugg is also the hardest fight for me, it was not the icy breath but the glaciers flying around trying to kill the player.

(Arcanine was hard for me too because of the fire spin in the middle)
Arcanine. The small arena size and its shape made dodging tricky, especially its desperation attack where it goes into the middle of the arena leaving you nowhere to run. The other Nobles was just a matter of learning their patterns to time dodges and throws better but Arcanine was merciless.
No one had trouble with Electrode? That thing was fucking frenetic; so many bombs and explosions going out at once...
Just keep running (actual advice you get before the battle) and only throw balms after your Pokémon battle it. The projectiles are too slow, while the Voltorb are clearly telegraphed. It may look hectic but that fight's just all flash and no impact.

I had most trouble with Arcanine, but if I'll be honest, 90% of it came down to that really dumb arena shape rather than Arcanine itself. And for the rest? Kinda meh, the only hit I took from those four in my story run was one cheap shot from Avalugg when my thumb slipped.
I found out that Arcanine was much easier if you prioritize on taking it down ASAP because it starts to build up real strong if the fight takes a while.

I've consistently found Electrode to be the lost difficult and it was even the only noble I lost to on my initial run. It was a tie, but when I got to the postgame rematches I got so out of touch with this match that it became even more difficult for me than the origin and Arceus battles.
Arcanine's field was absolutely evil. Getting locked repeatedly locked into corners where I couldn't do anything was just an awful experience.

Personally I found Electrode to be the easiest one to get into the swing of, and it was the only one I managed to get down in one go. Avalugg was annoying but nowhere near as bad as Arcanine, especially once you get down the pattern of how it attacks.
For me, it's a tie between Arcanine and Electrode. I gave Arcanine the edge simply because of the awkward shape of the arena. Plus that attack where it creates a circle of fire in the middle. Electorde was also hard, because of the balls that follow you around. There were also the constant explosions as well
I'd say Arcanine is the hardest for the fire traps it creates. I also had a tough time against Avalugg because it shoots ice shards at you that you need to dodge. Those were the only two Nobles that took me several times to defeat, but the others can be hard too like Electrode.
the hisuian arcanine fight was actually really annoying because of the very limited space allowed to maneuver and dodge lol

the others were mostly whatever, with the slight exception of electrode. i remember getting caught off-guard a few times by its electricity somehow but overall the fight wasn't too hard.
Arcanine, no questions asked. On my successful attempt, I actually had to Leeroy Jenkins towards Arcanine as it did its unavoidable attack just to win (I wasn't quick enough to throw the food). Electrode is lengthier, but I haven't lost to it once.
I'm surprised Electrode wasn't that hard for a lot of people. I died quite a few times and didn't know the trick to it back then. It was incredibly annoying.
For me, it's probably a tie between Electrode and Avalugg. You HAVE to keep moving to dodge Electrode's homing projectiles, which necessarily limits your ability to "just" throw Balms and makes it easy to accidentally run into an exploding minion. Avalugg is merciless and if you get caught by the wrong attack during final phase it CAN combo you "zero-to-death".

Strangely, I didn't have much of a problem with Arcanine, though to be fair it was the first Noble battle to best me.
For me at least, I think it was Avalugg

The others ones I had decentish openings to sporadically spam throw balms at when not in a post team battle state making the fights go much faster. Avalugg however was far away enough that only really its jaw were vulnerable assuming I was standing at the very end of the ledge. But getting there was tricky given how narrow the field was along with the attacks flying all across it.
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