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Anime What was the last anime you watched before posting in this thread?

Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-V Episode 142. I now understand why people don't really like this series, specially towards the end. There's too many characters, too many subplots (That Battle Beast crap was unnecessary when more important shit was happening with the dimensional girls being mind-controlled), legacy characters like Asuka were completely wasted, the Synchro arc was too long while the XYZ was like ten episodes, Edo Phoenix's changes sides so damn easily (this thing is like three episodes and it's so rushed), same thing with the Academia in the XYZ dimension and that doctor that was mind-controlling the dimensional girls just gets carded by Akaba Leo in the most unsatisfying way. Then there's stuff like Yugo and Rin not having a proper reunion, same thing with Yuto and Ruri even if Yuto's soul was inside Yuya. And by mentioning two of the dimensional girls in the previous sentence, how they all became damsels in distress starting from the Synchro arc onwards. Yuzu and Selena did duel in the Friendship Cup in the Syncho Arc. but after that they might as well be Princess Peach.

The whole Egao (smile in case someone doesn't know the japanese word for it) meme that is made around the show and how it just kept repeating the same character arc for Yuya. He loses the ability to make people smile, gets it back, loses it again, gets it back, loses it again, gets it back. The Kattobing thing with Yuma got grating to some people but at least that's about never giving up and go against all odds to push yourself into being a better person, the whole trying to make people smile with dueling got really annoying and also misses the fact that maybe some people just want to duel for competitive reasons and self-improvement. Sure, you have to have some modicum of fun to do that and you can smile playing competitively, but maybe quit trying to force everyone to duel your way. Let people duel for whatever reason they want as long it's not hurting other people.

Of course, Zarc sucked, specially after all that buildup for like most of the show. Boring main villain, stupid motivation that is also overused in anime and videogames, the whole "humanity created an evil entity because they are bloodthirsty assholes" trope, and of course broken ass cards that get nerfed to the ground when they reach the real life card game. Roget was a far better written villain and far more entertaining and of course disappears after the Synchro arc, even though he didn't actually died. Akaba Leo is also a much better villain, but gets wasted in like two minutes against Zarc, just fun.

I'm at the episodes that a lot of people agree are the worst in the series because it's a long, drawn out bit to make Yuya remember everything that happened before. I'm gonna power through it just to finish it, but i most likely will never rewatch this. If anything, this made me appreciate Zexal even more, what with its much smaller cast of characters and less filler.

And with all the said, I will say that i still love several characters from Arc-V and i think they did a decent job with legacy characters like Jack Atlas. There's also plenty of great duels, and of course the soundtrack is great with tracks like Duel of Rebellion and Steadfast Dueling being just chefs kiss.

Still, i can't imagine following this show weekly with this bad of a pacing issue. I watched it all in the course of a couple of weeks and i was still annoyed by the pacing, watching this one the weekly basis must have been torture given how many episodes hardly moved the plot along and just meander.
Caramel Honey and Jie Yao/Antidote.

The former was actually not too bad, especially for a show that's more a motion comic format. Generally, I kind of don't like those as I need at least some form of actual animation with it, but since this show's episodes are like two minutes long, it actually makes it palatable for me to watch it all the way through. The art is cute, and even though it's very tropey (makes sense since it's the usual, and my favorite type of, BL lol) and simple it's still a fun watch that doesn't really make me bored of it. I also love how the delinquents just immediately fall in love with Ayato whenever his glasses come off, that type of fluffy over the top reaction makes it great.

For Jie Yao, it's gonna be the typical Chinese BL anime that'll censor a kiss, so I expected it going in regardless. So far, after three episodes, it's not too bad. I love the Chinese jazz for the opening, really set the mood for the series for me, and the rest of the soundtrack so far is pretty nice. The animation is a bit meh though, especially with the lip flaps at times, but the designs are quite nice at least. Hopefully it gets even more interesting though, as I hear it goes into even more psychological problems later.
Sengoku Majin Goshogun, watched the first 7 episodes so far. Kunihiko Yuyama and Takeshi Shudo of Pokemon fame worked on this one, it's interesting to see how some elements of this show made it into Pokemon. I'm liking it so far.
Watched the Land of the Lustrous, man I wish there's a season 2 :C
Kyou kara Ore wa, started this one a few days back and almost finishing it up with only two episodes left. Picked this one up since it kind of reminded me of Great Teacher Onizuka, especially with it's slapstick comedy. I like how self-aware it is and when it comes to issues the characters have/are facing it's dealt with in a straightforward way, especially with stuff like bullying, it gives it a catharsis factor imo.

Also recently started GANTZ and Muv-Luv Alternative. I was already aware of both, but in the case of the former never really bothered to watch it until now, and the latter I only recently started the VN games last month at the insistence of a friend, though I haven't had time to read through most of the first part. They're okay so far, though from what I hear the manga of GANTZ is better than the anime adaptation, so at some point I might just read it as well. For Muv-Luv, well most anime adaptations of VN's are usually hit or miss for me, so my expectations for this one is already pretty low lol (to be fair, I did still like Dramatical Murder, Togainu no Chi, Amnesia, and Code:Realize's anime adaptations well enough, so we'll see).
Arisa Good Luck, a 30 minute one episode magical girl OVA. It was... okay? I felt that if it was longer, like an actual episodic series I would probably have liked it way more, especially since the potential is there. I like the main character Arisa quite a bit, but the way in which she transforms certainly gives it a different... vibe, that's for sure lol. The quality was pretty bad, but then I guess that's because I randomly came across it on YouTube and you can tell it was from a VHS tape, so I can't be too pressed on that. Overall, meh, but if it had more episodes, or even a manga adaptation, I would probably like it just as much as Sailor Moon. Hearing a younger Yui Horie as Arisa was neat though, especially since she's one of my favorite VA's. I will also say that this OVA lead me to the Magical Witch Punie-chan OVA, which I'll get around to watching at some point later, so there's another plus at least.
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