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Anime What was the last anime you watched before posting in this thread?

I finished Love Stage!!, a very sweet, silly BL. Probably one of my favorite BL anime pairings to date, after Sasaki and Miyano. Could have done without the attempted noncon scene, though.

I just started Cells at Work, which is extremely clever. I get the feeling that this is what I would have wished Osmosis Jones were like had I imagined something like this. I stopped about 2/3 through the first episode because I need to go to bed early (and the Pneumococcus' being voiced by the guy who voiced Numbuh One in KND is super distracting lol). But I look forward to continuing!
Paul vs Ash in Journeys on Netflix, Paul didn't get to use his usual competitive strategies but he did pretty decent against Ash, he still refuses to dodge opponent's attacks. I imagine this battle would've lasted longer if it wasn't crammed into an episode that was also focusing on Ash's reserves training the JN team.
Been binging Case Closed (Detective Conan). TubiTV has some more recent episodes subbed and dubbed, Crackle has the first 82 subbed.
The first episode of Oshi No Ko

I wound up enjoying it a lot more than expected

And I wound up crying hard too :’) such an emotional way to start off a series!

I mean, I already knew the major spoilers because I googled the series long before I had access to streaming it, but watching it was… wow! My only regret is that I didn’t watch it sooner :’))
I think the latest episode of Apothecary Diaries. Really surprised by how much I enjoyed it, can't believe there's only one episode left!
Reached episode 22 on my rewatch of little witch academia.
Even after about 2 and a half years Things we said today is still the best episode
Frieren and The Apothecary Diaries finales. Loved both of them, crazy how my favorite new anime in recent memory both game out in the same season and actually got 24+ episodes. Happy to hear the Apothecary Diaries is getting a second season next year. Surely Frieren will get one down the line with how popular it was, but I've thought that before so...
Rewatching Komi Can't Communicate (on Ep. 2 atm), it's just as perfect as I remembered
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