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Movies/TV What was the last movie you watched?

Triple Frontier on Netflix

hmmm - very average - not particularly gripping, most of the action scenes are in the trailer, dragged on a bit. Nothing new about it.

Looked great in the trailer but at best 6/10.
I liked it too, but I have to wonder why Laika's movies get ton of praise, yet are box office bombs.

Because they don't get promoted enough and because mainstream media doesn't care for anything that doesn't involve special effects, super heroes, or have a lot of non-stop action.
Streets of Fire

Amazing. I wish I had known about it sooner.

From what I've read in bombed in theaters but was a big influence on beatemup games and a lot of 80s anime.
Polar - 6/10
John Wick wannabe, but lacked style of Wick, quite what Matt Lucas was doing in it I have no idea.
I watched Big Money Rustlas with friends. It was a damn trip. It’s like high-low-brow.
Matangi/Maya/M.I.A. - 7/10
Much more interesting than I thought. I had no idea about the superbowl incident and the furore it caused. Obviously it's quite a biased film but you get a good insight into how badly the "media" can just decide to go after someone and create blockade after blockade in someone's career. Always liked her music. Kala was wicked.
Toy Story 4. I saw it last week, alongside my uncle. Kinda symbolic, since he had taken me to see Toy Story 2 when I was eight, so now I returned the favor by inviting him to watch the sequel.
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