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What was the last thing that made you angry?

my recent boss from my current job got fired and replaced by another one who intends on changing just about everything around, which is incredibly frustrating as the system we've had currently, we've had for years, before i or even he showed up to this restaurant. i don't blame the new manager entirely, the blame lies within the owners who have such a strict (and tbh, unreasonable) way of running things that it's beginning to genuinely suck being here.

good thing i'm leaving soon. >.>
My brother for screaming so loud, he could break glass.
My parents thinking they can just go into my room whenever they want.
Playing Nationstates and I keep requesting to be given a higher a role in our region to fix some issues, however my friend (the leader) refuses to give a me a straight answer and can't even be bothered to take care of the issues herself.
A customer leaving a 4review as opposed to a full 5because "a waitress couldn't answer some of their questions". A fair enough complaint, but I can't help but be frustrated because it was the server's first time doing a section independently (she's only just turned 18) and it bums me out what rotten luck it is that her one and only mistake that day just happened to involve a review-happy local foodie. I hope she doesn't see it so her confidence isn't knocked at all, since she's relatively shy. She did so well, ughhh...!
Failing a shiny Tatsugiri a few minutes ago. It really pissed me off. And it wasn't even the decent White one. It was the poop Brown butt ugly shiny. It ran into me in a mass outbreak, and I failed to catch it with a Quick Ball. Then after I paralyzed it to try again the dumb poop attempt of a Pokémon memento-ed on me! ARGGGGH. I frankly didn't remember the Thing knew that move, so my bad I guess.

Man, these are the times when I regret being a completionist and a shiny hunter. Maybe I should vow to only attempt to catch good shinies from now on. Not poop colores, butt ugly, pathetic and cowardly fishies who commit suicide.

EDIT: funnily enough I attempted the Tatsugiri shiny hunt again and, again, the poop colored one appeared. This time I did save before encountering it and actually caught it. But I am not sure about how to feel, considering it was not in a mas outbreak and the three colores were appearing in equal measure (with the dragon sandwich). I wish I got the White one instead, but oh well. At least I got one now...
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getting rather tired of angering people with the decisions i make at work. alas, it's mostly unavoidable and i've worked here long enough and been in this position too many times to not know this. still, it's getting really old.
one one of my favourites co-workers is leaving and it's pretty much solidified my decision to leave as well. D: not because of her decision in particular, but rather.... the environment here. that and other factors. it's just her leaving is going to make this place more boring and i'd rather not go through that.

just disappointing and adds to the list of things at my workplace that annoy me.
An asshole in a MMORPG i'm playing. Basically the situation where if you mess up once, that person instantly gives you shit for messsing up, but when they themselves mess up they become quiet all of the sudden. Easily one of the shittiest attitudes someone can have to me.
Laptop slid down the pillow onto my Switch and cracked its screen protector. Ugh!! Glad the screen is okay though, replacement will only run me $9 or so at the tech shop but :’(
I was about to buy tickets for this year's RHS Chelsea Flower Show, but they're way more expensive than I thought.

I'm annoyed because I was going to treat my mum and nana.
A guy on another forum was pretty rude for absolutely no reason, we weren't even talking together. I guess he doesn't like newcomers :/
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