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Anime What will be the next Anime series you'll watch?

If and when Crunchyroll decides to announce simulcast of it, Hirogaru Sky! Pretty Cure is a given for me. It would be my first time watching a Precure series live from the very beginning, which would be nice, as well as very easy on my increasing queue of anime that I’m watching (binging can be fun, but only in moderation). We’ll see if Crunchyroll can be a “hero” for the fandom, haha, and pull through with an announcement at what’ll probably be the eleventh hour on this one.

(They apparently pulled the same thing last year with Delicious Party, including that eleventh hour in a very literal sense — as in single digit minutes (!!!) eleventh hour — so at least there’s precedent there, albeit of the “wishful thinking” sort…)
nichijou maybe. ive been putting it off for so long and it really seems like an anime ill enjoy. ill watch it when i finish bocchi the rock, which im enjoying greatly :)
Losing Money to be a Tycoon is an upcoming show that looks interesting. I've been getting back into Chinese anime/manga again, and the image for the anime caught my eye. Plot also sounds cool, so hopefully it's a good one.
Well recently I have occasionally had the TV on Pluto TV's Yu-Gi-Oh channel when turning in for the night. Cause nothing says relaxing like an anime where a children's card game is life or death.

Also still binging Beyblade (Finishing V-Force then moving on to G-Revolution), which again is on the YT channel Beyblade Official. Capcom USA is also doing such on their YT channel with all uploads of the Mega Man NT Warrior dub.

And also going through Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai on Hulu.
I’m excited to watch Uzumaki and Dungeon meshi, whichever comes out first
I’ve already read both of them
Depending on if it's still on the free version of Crunchyroll (it was about a month ago). I think I'll check out spy X family after chainsaw man
Ubel Blatt finally got an anime adaptation, not exactly sure when it'll release but once it drops, I'm definitely going to watch it. I really liked the manga when it was still running, certainly one of my favorite mid 2000's series and was the one to really get me hooked on the dark fantasy genre.
After I finish Love Stage!!, I'm probably going to watch Cells at Work. It looks both adorable and extremely clever.
A lot. Still need to watch more of Dragon Quest The Adventures of Dai.

But also since it's among the legal and free stuff on @Gundaminfo on YouTube, Gundam The Witch From Mercury.

Seen it recommended from fellow fans of The Owl House.
After watching a few clips from the anime and Takarazuka Revue's stage adaptation, I'm very tempted to give City Hunter a go. I seem to pretty drawn to a lot of series involving guns as of late.

Now I just need to find it on a UK streaming service.
If you haven't, I highly recommend you watch Revue Starlight and Kageki Shoujo.

& Definitely Kaiju No 8. I've been anticipating this one for awhile now.
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