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What would you change about your favorite Pokémon?

Jun 8, 2019
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  1. He/Him
Yeah, your favorite Pokémon is already pretty great, but don't you think it could be... better?

Maybe you wish you could change a particular element of its design? Or maybe sometimes you think about how amazing it'd be, if only it could learn a certain move, or if it had a different type or ability altogether? Go ahead and be self-indulgent; if you were in charge, how would you improve upon the Pokémon you already love most? (And yes, you have to change something... nobody's perfect!)

I'm going to pick my favorite sea lily Cradily for this exercise — I personally would lower its base Attack stat, in order to further emphasize its Sp. Atk or HP. I'd also make its Shiny coloration, which is a bright pink, more of a dull purple hue like its pre-evolution Lileep. I like it the way it is, of course... but I'd just like it even more that way.
Purple Cradily would be really cute, I agree :bulbaLove:

I'd also love to have Rapidash be a pegasus! So, to add another Pokemon into the mix... I'm going to say Stantler! Even though Wyrdeer sort of gave a nod to the idea, I'd still really like to see Stantler already have that Normal/Psychic typing. Also, I'd bring back the white splotches on its tail and legs it had in older generations, buuuut I still think it's great as is!
Gardevoir - Higher/better Pokeathlon stats.
At this point, I'd just give Sableye and Mawile the same base stat totals that their Mega forms had; albeit with somewhat different distributions.


HP: 50
Attack: 75
Defense: 110
Sp. Attack 95
Sp. Defense: 100
Speed: 50


HP: 50
Attack: 120
Defense: 120
Sp. Attack: 50
Sp. Defense: 90
Speed: 50
I wish Alakazam's shiny were just a bit more vibrant so it wouldn't be so easy to mistake it for a non-shiny. To me, the pink appears pretty similar to its original colour, but maybe I just have poor eyesight. Also raise its defence so it doesn't faint in one hit from literally any marginally powerful physical move.
I would give Galarian Weezing 105 Sp. Atk. and 90 Speed, and make it learn less Explosive moves, I really think the design is perfect though. Maybe change its shiny from copper to white to be more related to its inspiration.
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I could drop the white shinies from its two transformed states. Last I checked, Gengar is a shadow. It should have black shinies, like an actual shadow, not white like a bedsheet ghost costume.

And now for something functionally more important. An additional ability and a Hidden Ability. There's no reason why it should only have Cursed Body, and dropping Levitate means it has no more excuse to not have a Hidden Ability either.
I would make Goodra poison / fairy instead of dragon. I dont like how most of the pseudos are dragon typing, plus those are the most common energy type goodra uses in the TCG.
For Aggron, I'd make it a Steel/Ground type instead of Steel/Rock. Sure it loses the novelty at the time of the two "defensive types slapped together", but there are just so many shared weaknesses that it's not worth it. Even without STAB, Head Smash would still hit very hard, and the Rock Head ability is still available.
I'd give Carnivine the move Poison Jab since it already learns some poison moves and has these whips/tentacle legs.
And more importantly I'd give it more speed. Why is it so slow ? It's supposed to be able to fly, it's not a groundcover :confused:
Perhaps make Galarian Rapidash (and Ponyta) into their own Pokemon instead of just regional variants. If Wiglett and Toedscool can be their own Pokemon, then I think Galarian Rapidash/Ponyta can be as well. I care about this distinction only because regional variants have less freedom to appear in new regions and tend to be one-time gifts when they do. If Galarian Rapidash/Ponyta were there own Pokemon we could run into them into the wild in any game they appear in.
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